Big E gives an Update on his recovery and thanks everyone who supported him

Big E gives an Update on his recovery and thanks everyone who supported him

Big E (Image Credits: Imago)

Big E is one of the talented WWE Superstars of the current generation, and his rise in the company from an enforcer and a tag team specialist to a WWE Champion is really commendable.


Big E is currently out of action due to a neck injury he suffered in March of this year. The former WWE Champion competed in a match as a part of the New Day against Ridge Holland and Sheamus. Holland delivered Big E with a belly-to-belly suplex, forcing Big E to fall on his head and shatter his neck, as well as fractures to the C1 and C6 vertebrae.

Big E has revealed that he won’t be needing any surgery but there is no confirmation yet as to when he will wrestle again. The Day 1 Premium Live Event’s fatal five-way match was where Big E lost the WWE Championship to Brock Lesnar, ending his 110-day reign.

On the September 13th, 2021 episode of RAW, he won the WWE Championship by cashing in his MITB contract on Bobby Lashley.The moment was also nominated for 2022 ESPY award for the WWE Moment of the Year award but lost to Cody Rhodes, who won the award for his return to WWE.


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Big E says that the fans need not worry about him

Big E with his friends Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston
Big E with his friends Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston (Image Credits: Imago)

Big E recently made a visit on WWE’s The Bump, where he talked about his recovery and how his friends and fans have supported him. He stated that he came on WWE’s The Bump today to spread a message of peace and love. He expressed gratitude for all of the wonderful friendships and that it is his joy to entertain the whole WWE Universe.

Big E thanked everyone who had inquired about his neck and also provided a status report on his health. According to him, life is excellent and he is doing well. Big E assured everyone that he is doing well and that he has been tremendously fortunate. He also said that this year has been amazing for him.

“For everyone who has supported me, for everyone that has asked about my neck, thank you so much. I’m doing well, life is good. I have been incredibly blessed and it’s been a great year for me. So don’t worry about your boy, I am doing well. And hug your friends, hug the people you love.”


The New Day recently competed in a no. 1 contender’s match to face the Unified Tag Team Champions The Usos, but failed to win the match. The match was won by brawling brutes, who face the Usos on the following edition of SmackDown but failed to win the Championship.

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