WATCH: Two-time WWE Champion got STUCK in dressing room before Raw as people struggled to free him

The team of The Miz and R-Truth, known as Awesome Truth, has been engaged in a heated feud with The Judgment Day.

WATCH: Two-time WWE Champion got STUCK in dressing room before Raw as people struggled to free him

The Miz stuck in a locker room before Raw (via WWE)

WWE superstars are no strangers to trouble, often finding themselves in the midst of in-ring drama. However, even outside of the ring, they often face unique and sometimes hilarious challenges in their lives. Two-time WWE Champion The Miz found himself stuck before the show in a situation that was both amusing and concerning.


The Miz shared a video on Instagram, revealing that he was locked inside his locker room just before Raw. Despite his situation, he assured fans that people were working to free him and expressed his willingness not to miss the show. Throughout the video, he maintained a smile, indicating that the situation was not too serious.

Fortunately, The A-Lister was able to escape from the locker room in time and was available for a backstage segment. However, it is possible that there were different plans in store for him that had to be altered due to the incident.

The A-Lister name was name-dropped during an amazing segment by Intercontinental Champion Gunther. The Ring General listed potential challengers for WrestleMania, including The Miz, Sami Zayn, Chad Gable, and even R-Truth.


The Miz, R-Truth and DIY got potentially new name

The Miz, R-Truth, and #DIY were involved in a backstage segment. The Judgment Day has been targeting R-Truth for several weeks, prompting Miz and the former NXT Tag Team Champions to come to his aid. Recently, Finn Balor issued a warning to R-Truth after a brutal assault by The Judgment Day.

The Miz, R Truth and DIY
The Miz, R Truth and DIY (via WWE)

In the backstage segment, R-Truth sat in Judgment Day’s Clubhouse, reminiscing as he gazed at an old t-shirt with his name taped on it. As The Miz and #DIY entered, R-Truth greeted them with excitement, mistaking Johnny Gargano for Shawn Michaels and Tommaso Ciampa for Triple H. The multi-time 24/7 Champion informed them that The Judgment Day had already left for the night.

Determined to uplift R-Truth’s spirits, they discussed ways to cheer him up. R-Truth humorously suggested they’re attempting to “regenerate” him, proposing the name “Regeneration X.” Meanwhile, The A-Lister suggested “Regeneration X,” which R-Truth enthusiastically agreed to. As they departed together, the veteran retrieved his old TV set, accompanied by #DIY and The Miz.

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