“Couldn’t make me money,” Zelina Vega blatantly denies acknowledging 39-year-old Superstar after his dreadful actions on SmackDown

Zelina Vega refuses to acknowledge Santos Escobar after the latter's sarcastic potshot at her in the recent episode of WWE The Bump.

“Couldn’t make me money,” Zelina Vega blatantly denies acknowledging 39-year-old Superstar after his dreadful actions on SmackDown

Cruz Del Toro, Joaquin Wilde, Santos Escobar, Rey Mysterio and Zelina-Vega (via WrestleTalk)

A couple of weeks ago, former LWO member Santos Escobar showed his true colors to the WWE Universe. The SmackDown superstar turned his back on his mentor, Rey Mysterio. Since then, he has gone back to being a solo competitor. On the November 17 edition of SmackDown, a dejected Zelina Vega confronted Escobar. Following his betrayal, the former has taken yet another caustic jab at Zelina.


The 39-year-old superstar was the special guest on the latest episode of WWE’s The Bump. While speaking on the show, the host asked the superstar about his present equation with Zelina Vega. Responding to the host, Santos confirmed that he is done with Zelina and will not go back and forth. Now the latter has reacted to Escobar’s scathing comments on her social media.

In response to Escobar’s comment, Vega completely turned a cold shoulder to the former. She further remarked that she doesn’t remember anyone who couldn’t make her money. Moreover, she asked the superstar to shove his “perfect enterprise” remarks. This was because the 39-year-old poked fun at Zelina by wishing her luck in her future endeavors.

Sorry who? I don’t really remember anybody who couldn’t make me money so... you can take your “perfect enterprise” and shove it. And for someone who’s actually been about that life and come back.. I’ve proved my worth.. have you? Watch your mouth.
Zelina Vega wrote on X

The 39-year-old seemingly didn’t wish her well in good faith. His comments had veiled sarcasm, as it is generally the Stamford-based promotion that sends such messages to the talents after releasing the superstars. As a result, the 32-year-old took exception to Escobar’s unsolicited remarks and gave him a befitting rebuttal.

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Santos Escobar issues a stern warning to Randy Orton

Randy Orton made his triumphant return to WWE at the 2023 Survivor Series WarGames. Two days later, the Viper graced the fallout edition of Monday Night Raw. Following his appearance on the red brand, it was officially promulgated that the superstar is set to show up on the blue brand as well. While the WWE Universe is elated to have the Viper back, one superstar seems unimpressed with his arrival.

Santos Escobar and Randy Orton
Santos Escobar and Randy Orton (via WWE)

The person in question is Santos Escobar, a recent heel-turned-superstar. While speaking on the latest edition of The Bump, Escobar inquired about Randy Orton’s confirmed return to Friday Night SmackDown. Later, he stated that he hoped that the 43-year-old would not show up at the blue brand.

And by the way, I just heard that Randy is going to show up on SmackDown this Friday, is that correct? Well, I hope he doesn't show up. Because I know he is The Legend Killer, but I just sent a legend away for good. I don't want to send him away too. So, if he is watching this, I hope he doesn't show up.
Santos Escobar on The Bump

Escobar said he is aware that Orton is a legend killer in his own right. However, he just sent a legend, Rey Mysterio, away from WWE programming, said the SmackDown star. Thus, Santos remarked that he wouldn’t want the Viper to meet with the same face as the former. The two men have never been in the same ring before. So it will be interesting to see if Escobar will be Orton’s first singles opponent on SmackDown this week.

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