Omos height: Is he taller than The Great Khali

How tall is the Nigerian giant Omos? Take a look at some fascinating details about one of the tallest WWE superstars.

Omos height: Is he taller than The Great Khali

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WWE superstar Omos, also known as the Nigerian Giant, is a Nigerian-American wrestler and former basketball player. Omos’ height is one of the intriguing aspects about him that frequently draws people’s attention. Take a look at Omos’ height in more detail, including why it matters and how it has influenced his career.


Omos, a Nigerian native, came into the world on May 16, 1994, in the bustling city of Lagos. He pursued his education at Atlantic Shores Christian School in Chesapeake, Virginia, and successfully graduated from there. Also, he played basketball all the way through high school and continued when he decided to visit the University of South Florida, where he played center.

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The Great Khali is a former professional wrestler from India who also wrestled for WWE. His real name is Dalip Singh Rana. Khali, who stands at a height of 7 feet, 1 inch (216 cm) and weighs more than 350 pounds, is renowned for his enormous size. He is one of the greatest giants of WWE, as he has faced numerous big superstars in his career and dominated them.

Since Omos is also the Nigerian giant, standing at a height of 7 feet, 3 inches (221cm) and weighing over 400 pounds, clearly there is a slight difference in both their height and weight, so Omos is taller than The Great Khali. Omos is currently the tallest man on the current WWE roster. Omos, due to his height advantage, has dominated so many superstars on the roster, but due to a lack of tactics and resonance, he has faced defeat at the hands of some big superstars like Bobby Lashley, Braun Strowman, and Brock Lesnar.


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Is Omos the tallest WWE superstar ever?

Omos & Braun Strowman
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While Omos is undoubtedly one of the tallest giants in WWE history, his height may not be the highest ever recorded in the annals of wrestling. Omos stands tall as the third tallest giant in WWE history, surpassed only by Giant Gonzalez (8’0) and Andre the Giant (7’4).

If Omos is trained in a more professional manner and works on his physical stamina, he can succeed as other giants have in their careers. He is surely one of the most dominant superstars on the current roster, but he hasn’t been able to defeat any big names yet. Fans hope WWE admins will book him in great matches in the future as he has the potential to do so.

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