Predicting the five remaining teams in the WrestleMania 40 Six-Pack Tag Team Ladder Match

The Judgment Day have their biggest challenge at WrestleMania 40: defending their Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship against five other teams.

Predicting the five remaining teams in the WrestleMania 40 Six-Pack Tag Team Ladder Match

WrestleMania 40 Six-Pack Ladder Match for Undisputed Tag Team Championship (via WWE)

The Judgment Day has been on the whole tag team roster for quite a while now. The two-time Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions have conquered every possible team on Raw and SmackDown. This is mainly due to the fact that the heel team has the support of their stablemates from the ringside.

Finn Balor works as the classic agility-based star and brings pace to The Judgment Day’s actions. Meanwhile, Damian Priest is the powerhouse whose sheer presence intimidates the opponent. Over time, Balor and Priest’s unlikely duo have developed a chemistry worth watching with their similar approach to dominance.

However, the biggest problem lies ahead, as their Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships have five opponents facing them at the same time. At WrestleMania 40, The Judgment Day will defend their titles in a Six-Pack Ladder Match with none of those rivals being revealed as of now. In the coming weeks, qualifying matches on Raw and SmackDown will clarify which five teams will make it to WrestleMania.

5. Awesome Truth

R-Truth‘s constant struggle to get into The Judgment Day was entertaining while it lasted. But now the heel faction has closed all their ways for Truth to join them and make him pay for his actions. While the stable goes against Truth, The Miz has taken a page from his past to join forces with the 52-year-old.

Awesome Truth
Awesome Truth (via WWE)

Next week on Raw, the team of Miz and Truth, aka Awesome Truth, will battle Indus Sher in a qualifying match for the Six-Pack Ladder Match for WrestleMania 40. There have been instances where Awesome Truth has gone against The Judgment Day, too, in various permutations of that rivalry. But now is the time when the babyface team has more chances to win the titles if they qualify for the bout.

4. New Catch Republic

Coming from a classic tag team match at Elimination Chamber Perth, New Catch Republic are quite new to their rivalry with The Judgment Day. However, after looking at their only instance of battle in Australia, it would not be a surprise if they again get a chance to showcase their talent against the heel team.

Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate
Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate (via WWE)

The team of Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate is one of the most beloved babyface teams on SmackDown. And as of now, it seems like only two teams from the blue brand have the chance to make it to the Six-Pack Ladder Match. Knowing what the British team can deliver, their spot at WrestleMania 40 must be booked.

3. The New Day

It has been quite a while since The New Day has held a tag team title in WWE. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods do not have a solid storyline going into WrestleMania 40. Their only opponents have been Imperium, who have also had their share of permutations in developing their rivalry over the past months.

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods
Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods (via WWE)

The Shows of Shows will be a huge spot for one of the most decorated tag teams to challenge for the Undisputed Tag Team Championship. The fast-paced approach of Kingston and Woods can be justified in a Ladder Match. For that spot, though, New Day has to defeat the Alpha Academy next week on Raw.

2. Pretty Deadly

The surprising name among all five teams would likely be Pretty Deadly. The British duo has previously challenged for the Tag Team Titles and came out unsuccessful, but not against The Judgment Day. Thereafter, the injury of Elton Prince took them out for a while and made them irrelevant in their division.

Elton Prince and Kit Wilson
Elton Prince and Kit Wilson (via WWE)

Kit Wilson and Elton have their fixed spots on SmackDown nowadays and could also make it to WrestleMania 40. A qualifying match is all it would take for the British duo to show their wonders. It would be exciting to see how WWE runs back down this path for Pretty Deadly in the title scenario. 

1. #DIY

The biggest dilemma would come across the qualifications of Creed Brothers and #DIY. Creeds have been on Raw for a short while but have raised their bars to a great extent. #DIY reunited last year and are a regular performer on Raw, but they have yet to show their impressive magic at the highest level possible.

Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa
Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa (via WWE)

Not Shawn Michaels and Not Triple H are front in line for getting a title shot at the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles. It’s not like Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa have never challenged the heel team. However, several circumstances have resulted in their failure to capture the championships. At WrestleMania 40, the babyface team being the one-sixth team in the ladder match is likely to happen.

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