WWE Raw live results (Extreme Rules fallout, WWE Championship match): 27 September, 2021

Checkout the WWE Raw live results from the Extreme Rules fallout episode, where the WWE Championship will be on the line.

wwe raw live results
The New Day

WWE Raw live results: With WWE Extreme Rules officially in the books, the build up to Crown Jewel. The WWE Championship match was announced last night on Extreme Rules, after Lashley lost to Big E in a Tag Team match.

Stay tuned for the live updates from the Red brand.

WWE Raw live results: WWE Championship match ended in disqualification

wwe raw live results
E and Lashley

Big E started the match with a slap to Lashley which made the latter take the campion down with a suplex. Lashley then drove Big E into the ring post when the latter delivered a suplex. Lashley then delivered a vicious neckbreaker to Big E when the latter fought back and delivered Lashley a spear through the middle rope. Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander then came out which distracted Big E followed by a spear to Lashley. The New Day then came out and attacked Alexander and Benjamin which ended the match in disqualification.

Adam Pearce then came out and announced that Big E vs Bobby Lashley will compete again and that too inside a steel cage.

WWE Raw live results: Angel Garza def Erik

The match started with Erik taking Garza down with his power when the latter delivered a clothesline to the big man. Erik then delivered a big knee to Garza when Carrillo tried distract Erik. Garza used the distraction to deliver the windclipper to get the win.

WWE Raw live results: Reggie vs Ricochet (24/7 Championship) ended in disqualification

The match started with both the men showing their athleticism when Ricochet delivered a suicide dive when other 24/7 championship persuaders attacked.

WWE Raw live results: Keith ‘Bearcat’ Lee def Akira Tozawa

The match saw Lee throwing Tozawa across the ring followed by a slam to get the win.

WWE Raw live results: Damian Priest def Sheamus (US Championship match) (No disqualifications, no count outs)

The match started with Sheamus using his power to take Priest down when the latter took the Celtic warrior down with his athleticism. He delivered suplex to Shemaus outside the ring and then brought a table out. Sheamus then delivered the white noise to Priest through the table which hyped the WWE Universe. Sheamus then used a kendo stick to take Priest down and then set another table when the champion fought back with a kendo stick.

Sheamus then fought back with outside the ring and then drove the champion face first into the steel chair. The champion then fought back with power strikes when the challenger delivered a knee to the champion taking him down for two counts. Priest then drove Sheamus into the table and then delivered the reckoning o get the win.

WWE Raw live results: Jinder Mahal, Veer and Shanky def Jeff Hardy, Mansoor, and Mustafa Ali

The match started with Ali delivering a dropkick to Shanky but then running into a slam. Veer and Mansoor came in and the power of Veer was enough to take Mansoor down for two counts. Hardy and Mahal then came in and the former took the modern day maharaja down with his classic moves. Ali tagged himself in and drove Mahal face first into the ring. Veer came in and drove Ali inside out a couple of times to get the win.

WWE Raw live results: Karrion Kross def Jaxon Ryker

The match started with Kross dominating when Ryker tried to fight back using his power. Kross then applied the Kross jacket to get the win.

WWE Raw live results: AJ Styles def Riddle

The match started with Styles delivering an elbow to the face of Riddle sending him out of the ring. Styles then inflicted damage on the mid-section of Riddle by delivering a knee. Riddle then fought back and went for the Bro-ton but Styles countered again. The Phenomenal one then delivered a German suplex to Riddle and then went for the forearm but the original bro countered. After a series of action, Styles delivered the styles clash to get the win.

WWE Raw live results: Charlotte Flair def Doudrop

wwe raw live results

Charlotte Flair and Doudrop started battling when Eva Marie came out to distract Doudrop. Flair took advantage and delivered the natural selection for the win.

Goldberg then appeared through a video footage and said that he will kill Bobby Lashley.

WWE Raw live results: Big E def Bobby Lashley (Steel Cage match for the WWE Championship)

Before the match started, Lashley attacked Big E outside the ring and drove him into the barricade. The Almighty then drove Big E into the steel steps and then into the ring post. Lashley then took the steps and drove it into the spine of Big E.

The match started and Big E landed a slam to Lashley. The Almighty then delivered a vicious clothesline to Big E and then drove him into the steel. Big E then fought back and drove Lashley into the steel. The challenger then delivered a slam to the champion and started climbing the cage but Big E got up and stopped him. Lashley then applied the sleeper on Big E and the champion was out.

The challenger then started climbing the cage but somehow Big E came back up and threw Lashley down. The Hurt Business then came out and stopped Big E from climbing the cage. The New Day then took he Hurt Business down and the ring had Lashley and Big E both lying down. Lashley then somehow delivered a superplex to Big E but could get only two counts out of it.

The challenger then went for the spear but ran into suplexes. Lashley then somehow delivered the spear but Big E again shocked him after kicking out at two. Lashley then went to the top rope and delivered an elbow from to Big E followed by a vertical suplex and then got the door opened. Big E though in desperation delivered the big ending but Lashley kicked out at two. Big E then walked towards the door but this time Lashley stopped him and delivered a huge spinebuster. Big E then delivered a big ending from the top rope to get the win.

After the match, Drew McIntyre came out and pointed his sword towards Big E confirming a rivalry.

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