WWE Raw live results (Season Premiere, Raw Tag Team Championship): 25 October, 2021

Checkout the WWE Raw live results from the Season Premiere of the red brand.

wwe raw live results

WWE Raw live results: This is the Season Premier of WWE Raw. The Draft comes into effect from this episode. With Crown Jewel in the books, the build up now begins for WWE Survivor Series.

Stay tuned for the live updates from the Red brand.

WWE Raw live results: Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens vs Rey Mysterio (Fatal 4-way ladder match to determine the next challenger for Big E)

The fatal 4-way match started with all the three men targeting Seth Rollins. Balor though took Mysterio down with a dropkick when Rollins tried to fight back. Kevin Owens though took Rollins down after using the ladder and then used the weapon against a flying Mysterio taking him down. Owens then delivered a powerbomb to Balor on the ladder and went for a splash to Rollins on the ladder but the Visionary moved away leaving Owens in pain.

Rollins then took everyone down with the ladder but Balor fought back and delivered a double stomp on the ladder. Owens was then driven on the ladder which crushed Rollins. Balor and Mysterio then took the fight to the top of the ladder but Owens brought the ladder down hurting both of them. Owens then started climbing the ladder but Rollins was able to deliver a buckle bomb to him.

Owens he fought back and brought tables out when Rollins laid both Balor and Owens out with a suicide dive. Mysterio then fought back and drove Rollins face first followed by a senton through the ladder to Owens. Rollins and Mysterio were then taken down by a dive of Balor which brought everyone down. Rollins then drove Balor into the ladder who came back with a sling blade. Owens then took Balor down who was taken down by Mysterio.

Balor then drove Rollins head first into a steel chair when Owens delivered a stunner to the Prince. Owens then delivered a powerbomb to Mysterio through the table and then started climbing the ladder when Rollins drove Owen back first through the ladder followed by a stomp to Balor. The Visonary then climbed the ladder and won the contract.

After the match, Big E came out and showed the respect to Rollins which he truly deserved after going through two brutal matches in less than a week.

WWE Raw live results: Raw Tag Team Championship match

Randy Orton and AJ Styles have been rivals for a long time
Randy Orton and AJ Styles are long-time rivals

The match started with Ziggler and Riddle rolling each other for early pinfalls when Roode and Orton were tagged in. Roode delivered some power strikes to Orton when the latter fought back with strikes of his own. Orton then stomped on the chest of Roode and tagged Riddle in for a double team. Roode then turned things around by driving Riddle face first on the apron and gained some control.

Somehow Riddle tagged Orton in who took Roode down with his experience. Ziggler though distracted Orton which helped Roode drive the champion into the time keeper’s area. Orton then fought back with a big body slam and tagged Riddle in. Ziggler came in but was taken down by the original bro. The champion then took Ziggler down and rolled him to get the win.

WWE Raw live results: Austin Theory def Dominik Mysterio

The match started with Theory taking Mysterio down with a huge dropkick when the latter fought back with a dropkick of his own. Mysterio then delivered a hurricanrana to Theory when the latter fought back with a huge backbreaker for two counts. Mysterio hen tried to fight back but Theory delivered an ATL to get the win.

WWE Raw live results: Keith ‘Bearcat’ Lee def Cedric Alexander

The match started with Lee dominating over Alexander with his power when the latter tried to take Lee down with kicks to his legs. Lee then took Alexander down with a huge slam to get the win.

WWE Raw live results: Carmella def Liv Morgan

The match started with Carmella delivering elbow strikes to the face of Morgan when the latter fought with a step-up enziguiri when Carmella delivered a footover to get the win.

WWE Raw live results: Damian Priest def T-Bar via dq

The match started with T-Bar starting strong against Priest and delivering an elbow to the face of the champion. Priest then fought back with a suplex and then sent the champion out of the ring when T-Bar through a chair of the latter. Priest then assaulted T-Bar brutally and punished him eventually hint at turning heel.

WWE Raw live results: Becky Lynch appears

Becky Lynch officially moves to Monday Night Raw this week
Possible WWE Raw Spoilers: Bianca Belair continues her feud with Becky Lynch

Lynch started by saying that she has been headlining since her return when Bianca Belair came out. The EST of WWE said that Lynch wasn’t able to pin Belair and that besides Summerslam, the man wasn’t able to pin the EST. Lynch then asked Belair to get to the back of the line when the latter attacked the champion and drove her over the commentary table. Lynch then brought out a kendo stick but was assaulted by it. The Man was then able to get out and announce that Belair will get her match soon.

WWE Raw live results: Zelina Vega def Doudrop

The match started with Dourdrop using her power to dominate over Vega when the latter played mind games to drive Dourdrop face first into the turnbuckle followed by double knees into the face for two counts. The new Queen then distracted the referee and used her septor to take Doudrop down and get the win.

WWE Raw live results: Dirty Dawgs def Alpha Academy and Street Profits

The match started with Ford taking Gable down with a dropkick when Dawkins came in. The Street Profits took everyone down when Robert Roode fought back and took Ford down. Ford fought back with an enziguiri and then delivered a powerbomb to Ziggler. Otis was then sent face first into the ring post when Dawkins and Gable were tagged in. Dawkins cleared the ring with his athleticism and power when Roode came in. Omos then came out and took Ford down with a slam. He knocked Dawkins out which Roode took advantage of to get the win.

WWE Raw live results: WWE Champion Big E appears

Big E defeated Drew McIntyre at Crown Jewel 2021 to retain the WWE Championship
Big E

The show started with Big E coming out and welcoming the WWE Universe to the Season Premiere of Raw. He then praised his former challenger Drew McIntyre for making the WWE Champion better and then started finding a new challenger when Seth Rollins came out. Rollins then said he wanted a title match when Big E said that the Visionary lost to Edge and that he was in the back of the line. Rollins then said that Roman Reigns was feared of the Drip God but if Big E wanted to be a fighting champion.

Rey Mysterio then came out and said he deserved a WWE Championship match and then reminded everyone his accolades when the Prince Finn Balor came out. Balor then started with his accolades when Kevin Owens came out. Owens then came out to start with his accolades when Rollins attacked everyone. Sonya Deville came out to announce a fatal 4-way ladder match to determine the contendor for Big E.

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