Rey Mysterio height: How tall is The Biggest Little Man?

Rey Mysterio has been known in his entire wrestling career as an Ultimate Underdog; the title given to him is directly related to his small height, which is shorter than other successful wrestlers.

Rey Mysterio height: How tall is The Biggest Little Man?

Rey Mysterio on the ropes(via-WWE)

Rey Mysterio, born with the name Óscar Gutiérrez, is a professional wrestler from San Diego, California. He is known for his high-flying, acrobatic wrestling style and his distinctive mask, which he wears as part of his ring persona. However, there has been some debate over Rey Mysterio’s height throughout his career.


According to WWE, Rey Mysterio is listed as being 5’6″ (168 cm) tall. However, this height has been questioned by some fans and critics over the years. Some have speculated that he may be shorter than that, while others have argued that he appears taller in some photos and videos.

There are a few reasons why there may be confusion over Rey Mysterio’s height. For one thing, he often wears thick-soled boots that can add a couple of inches to his height. Additionally, his wrestling style involves a lot of jumping and flying maneuvers. Which can make him appear taller and more imposing than he actually is.

Despite these uncertainties, there is no denying that Rey Mysterio has had a long and successful career in professional wrestling. He has won numerous championships in various promotions, including WWE, WCW, and Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest high-flyers in wrestling history, and his matches have inspired countless other wrestlers to adopt a similar style.


Whether Rey Mysterio is actually 5’6″ or a little shorter or taller is ultimately beside the point. What matters most is the impact he has had on the wrestling world and the legacy he has built through his skill, athleticism, and charisma. As long as he continues to captivate audiences with his performances, his height will remain a secondary concern.

Rey Mysterio’s height comparison with other wrestlers

Rey Mysterio
The Great Khali with Rey(via-WWE)

Rey Mysterio is significantly shorter than most of the other tall wrestlers in the industry. Here are some examples of tall wrestlers and their approximate heights:

  • Andre the Giant – 7 feet 4 inches (224 cm)
  • The Great Khali – 7 feet 1 inch (216 cm)
  • The Big Show – 7 feet (213 cm)
  • Kane – 7 feet (213 cm)
  • Kevin Nash – 6 feet 10 inches (208 cm)
  • The Undertaker – 6 feet 10 inches (208 cm)

It’s clear that Rey Mysterio’s height of 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm) is much shorter than these other wrestlers, who are all considered to be quite tall. However, despite his smaller stature, Rey Mysterio is still a very talented and successful wrestler, known for his high-flying moves and acrobatics in the ring.

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Some interesting facts about Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio
Mysterio family(via-WWE)

Rey Mysterio, also known as Óscar Gutiérrez, is a legendary professional wrestler with a career that has spanned over three decades. Here are some interesting facts about him.

  • Rey Mysterio was born on December 11, 1974, in Chula Vista, California. He comes from a family of wrestlers, including his uncle Rey Misterio Sr. and his cousin El Hijo de Rey Misterio. His son, Dominick Mysterio also became a professional wrestler.
  • He made his professional wrestling debut at the age of 14 in Tijuana, Mexico. He competed under the name “La Lagartija Verde,” which means “The Green Lizard.”
  • In 1996, Rey Mysterio signed with WCW and became one of their top stars. He was known for his high-flying, acrobatic style and his signature moves like the 619.
  • Rey Mysterio has won numerous championships throughout his career, including the WWE Championship, the World Heavyweight Championship, and the Intercontinental Championship.
  • Rey is known for wearing a mask as part of his ring persona. He has had several different mask designs over the years, including a Spider-Man-inspired mask and a mask that features the colors of the Mexican flag.
  • He has made appearances in several movies and TV shows, including “Ready to Rumble,” “The Devil’s Rejects,” and “NCIS.”
  • Rey Mysterio is also known for his philanthropic work. He has been involved with several charities and organizations, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Boys & Girls Club of America.

Rey Mysterio’s career spans over two decades, and he shows no signs of slowing down. He is still capable of performing his signature moves and thrilling audiences with his athleticism and charisma. His son, Dominik Mysterio, is following in the footsteps of his father and carrying forward the legacy of one of the greatest Luchadors. There is no denying that Rey Mysterio has etched his name as one of the greatest ever to step inside the squared circle.

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