“Mighty King Kong fears Godzilla”: MVP reveals why he betrayed Bobby Lashley

MVP reveals why he turned on 2-time WWE Champion Bobby Lashley.

bobby lashley
Omos and Lashley

Bobby Lashley is one of the big babyfaces on the WWE roster currently. This year he has only gone from strengths to strengths. At Day 1, he went after the WWE Championship – but failed to capture it. Lashley then kicked off a dream feud against the then-WWE Champion Brock Lesnar. The Beast Incarnate and the All Mighty One collided at the Royal Rumble.

Lashley pinned Lesnar, after interference from Roman Reigns, to win the WWE Championship. His next big challenge was to defend the title against not one or two, but 5 other Superstars – and that too inside the WWE Championship. He never got the chance to defend the title – as he was injured even before he entered the match!

Bobby Lashley had a legitimate shoulder injury because of which he missed several weeks of action. But he worked really hard and recovered in time to be back before the Grandest Stage of Them All – Wrestlemania. He answered the Giant Omos’ open challenge and get a spot on the Showcase of Immortals card.

While Bobby Lashley soaked in the glory of becoming the first person on the roster to pin Omos, and that too at Wrestlemania. But things changed drastically outside the ring. MVP – the man who made Lashley the main event star that he is today, turned on him and attacked him. He recently appeared on RAW talk where he revealed that why he turned his back on the All Mighty One.

“It’s business. It’s not personal, it’s business. Bobby Lashley made the professional decision to move on. He had his WrestleMania moment without me and that’s fine. I get that. It’s business. So I made a business decision too. I’ve decided to move on to bigger and better things. Omos is 7 foot 3, nearly 400 pounds. He’s bigger than Bobby, stronger than Bobby, and I dare say, smarter than Bobby…let’s be realistic, even the mighty King Kong fears Godzilla,” mentioned MVP.

Bobby Lashley did not lose the WWE Championship

bobby lashley
Lashley with MVP

At Elimination Chamber, Bobby Lashley had walked in with the WWE Championship sitting comfortably on his shoulders. But while he was locked inside the pod, Seth Rollins sent Austin Theory crashing through – to which the All Mighty One became the collateral damage.

Lashley was taken out of the match. He had sustained a legitimate shoulder and never got a chance to defend the title – which was then won by Brock Lesnar. But now that title is with the Undispute WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Lashley is expected to go after the title after he is done with Omos and MVP.

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