WWE working on a documentary on Stone Cold Steve Austin

WWE Legend Stone Cold Steve Austin is getting a documentary based on his life. Makers of Netflix’s “The Last Dance” are associated with this project.

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Stone Cold Steve Austin

A few days ago, WWE announced a documentary on the life of WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon. WWE’s President and Chief Revenue Officer Nick Khan made the announcement at WWE’s Third Quarter earning call. While McMahon’s documentary will be in association with streaming giant, Netflix. But Khan had informed that WWE will be joining hands with more streaming companies to create more content.

Recent news, regarding a documentary on Stone Cold Steve Austin, comes on the same lines as Khan’s announcement. The news of this documentary was confirmed by former WWE ring announcer, Lilian Garcia. Garcia was on The Chris Van Vliet Show, where she was discussing her return to WWE.

Garcia returned to WWE, with her podcast on WWE’s network “Chasing Glory”. She informed that she will also be a part of the documentary on the life of The Texas Rattlesnake.

‘The Last Dance’ producers to make Steve Austin Documentary

wwe steve austin - FirstSportz
Steve Austin

Lilian Garcia informed that the team that worked on Netflix’s “The Last Dance” will be making Austin’s documentary. The Last Dance is a sports documentary that follows Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls during their Championship reigns.

“WWE contacted me and they said the producers from The Last Dance are going to reach out to you. They want you in their documentary”, Garcia mentions.

This association of The Last Dance makers with the WWE documentary is enough to get the fans excited. The Last Dance currently ranks 16th on IMDb’s highest rated shows of all time. Given how well received the basketball documentary is, by the critics and fans alike, the Stone Cold documentary will be riding on high expectations.

Currently the release date is not final, Garcia informs it will be releasing sometime next year. Stone Cold Steve Austin himself hasn’t made any statements regarding the documentary, yet.

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