Top 10 worst WWE wrestlers of 2023

Some superstars showed a lackluster performance in 2023, which led to one of the worst years of their careers.

Top 10 worst WWE wrestlers of 2023

Karrion Kross and Ronda Rousey (via WWE)

WWE had an outstanding year this year. 2023 will always hold a special place in the hearts of the WWE universe. Although this year was the best year of their careers for some superstars, it was an awful year for many. For some superstars, this year meant nothing but a saga of silly performances.


2023 was a career-changing path for many stars, like Dominik Mysterio and Iyo Sky. It was a lackluster year for many other wrestlers, like Ronda Rousey and Karrion Kross.

Even though these stars were involved in marquee matches and iconic feuds this year, they were short on making any impact on fans and made it to the list of the worst wrestlers of 2023. Here are the top 10 worst wrestlers of 2023:

10) Cameron Grimes

Cameron Grimes was a rising star during his days at NXT. He was the Million Dollar Champion of the brand and had iconic feuds with stars like LA Knight. Although fans expected the same from his main roster debut as well, However, he fell short of achieving it.

Cameron Grimes
Cameron Grimes (via WWE)

Grimes had a fire start on SmackDown, yet it went downward after its initial days. After getting the spotlight in a few matches earlier this year, Grimes lost himself on the deep roster of the Blue Brand.

2023 was a year when Cameron made little to no impact on the fans with his presence. Therefore, he was successful in making his place as one of the worst superstars of the year.

9) Ridge Holland

The Brawling Brutes had a great 2022. The latter was involved in a storyline with Imperium and Bloodline last year. However, the same effect was lost this year. It affected the overall image of Ridge Holland, who didn’t have absolutely nothing on the roster this year.

Ridge Holland
Ridge Holland (via WWE)

Moreover, his infamous incident with Big E also destroyed Ridge’s image, which affected his overall character as well. Furthermore, this year marked the fall of the Brawling Brutes after the injury to Sheamus. Therefore, Ridge was unsuccessful in shining this year.


8) Dexter Lumis

Dexter Lumis was one name fans were excited to see having a main roster debut. Although his first rivalry with Miz made headlines, he certainly faced a downfall this year. Lumis had very few on-screen appearances this year and was silent the rest of the time.

Dexter Lumis
Dexter Lumis (via WWE)

In his time in 2023, Lumis faced a lot of criticism for his character and was unsuccessful in making any impact on the main roster. Moreover, the WWE Universe didn’t have any effect on his absence either, which resulted in him having a dull 2023.

7) Akira Tozawa

Akira Tozawa is one of the most entertaining superstars in WWE. However, during the majority of 2023, Tozawa was lost on the WWE roster. He was used as a comic element a few times and was featured in some squash matches.

Akira Tozawa
Akira Tozawa (via WWE)

Moreover, WWE didn’t capitalize on the actual potential of Akira Tozawa in 2023. Besides, Tozawa is having a good time with the Alpha Academy in 2023. His overall year was short of making any impact on the fans, as his wrestling was not par to that of his peers on Raw.


6) Candice LeRae

Candice LeRae was one of the prominent members of the NXT Women’s Division. Fans had the same expectations with the superstar on the main roster as well. However, her run in 2023 was lackluster. She wrestled matches where she was portrayed as a weak character, which made her star feel strong.

Candice LeRae
Candice LeRae (via WWE)

Furthermore, her tag team partner, Indi Hartwell, did pretty well in terms of wrestling and delivered some really good spots throughout the year. As for LeRae, she was injured most of the time, which really affected her in 2023, eventually making it a dull year for the latter.

5) Luke Gallows

Luke Gallows has been aligned with one of the top stars in WWE, AJ Styles. He is part of the renowned faction called the OC. It can be justified to say that it has been a dull year for all the members of OC except AJ Styles. It has been a bad year for Gallows. He has been a consistent superstar in WWE and has incredible body stature. Although his performance was underwhelming,.

Luke Gallows
Luke Gallows (via WWE)

Moreover, Luke Gallows was short on making any impact on the fans. One of the reasons for his lack of performance was the injury angle he had this year. It will be interesting to see if he does something in 2024. However, as of 2023, Gallows was one of the least entertaining stars of the year.


4) Omos

Omos is one of the giants in WWE. He is incredibly strong and has exceptional stature. Although Omos had marquee matches this year against the likes of Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins, he was unsuccessful in making any impact on the fans.

Omos (via WWE)

Moreover, he served as a giant obstacle in the paths of many superstars. However, he failed to make his personality shine this year. Furthermore, Omos has no title bouts and has had no success as a superstar as well, with only a handful of matches this year. Therefore, Omos was one of the worst superstars of 2023.

3) Nikki Cross

Former Women’s Champion Nikki Cross has been one of the most entertaining superstars in WWE. She has competed in marquee matches and has been a top star of the company once. However, in 2023, her appearance was more of a comic element in the WWE backstage area.

Nikki Cross
Nikki Cross (via WWE)

Moreover, her personality witnessed a few unsuccessful character changes, which led the fans to not take her seriously. Although fans were curious about her persona, WWE failed to capitalize on this curiosity, making her one of the most unsuccessful stars in 2023.


2) Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey is one of the biggest stars on this list. She has achieved great success in WWE and has been one of the top stars in the world. She is the former women’s champion as well. However, in 2023, her chase was limited to the women’s tag titles only.

Ronda Rousey
Ronda Rousey (via WWE)

Moreover, she had a lackluster run this year, as she delivered the worst match of the year against Shayna Baszler. The match marked the final appearance of the Baddest Women on the Planet.

This year was the downfall for the superstar, as she expressed no emotions in the ring, which led to fans neglecting her. Therefore, Rousey had one of the worst 2023 WWE events.

1) Karrion Kross

Karrion Kross is one of the most successful NXT superstars. After Triple H came in charge, fans speculated that he might be next for a mega push in WWE. However, that was not the case, as Kross was featured in random feuds and random matches on SmackDown only.

Karrion Kross
Karrion Kross (via WWE)

Kross is one of the most talented superstars on the roster. However, his not receiving any push in WWE has been a point of discussion about his credibility. Therefore, due to fans having massive expectations from the superstar and WWE not being able to meet those expectations, Karrion Kross is the worst superstar of 2023.

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