“You Dumba**”: Charles Barkley reacts to three-point battle

Charles Barkley fed up with unique three-point contest

Luka Doncic and Stephen Curry

The Golden State Warriors were on a battle with the Dallas Mavericks today. What looked like a sure shot loss for the Dubs nations turned to be a fortune flip for them. As both the team started an interesting three-point contest in the game, everyone knew who was the better one. Without most of the guards and forwards, the Golden State Warriors did not even pay heed to a win tonight. However, fortune favors the brave. The matchup became a lot more about who could get more buckets. No wonder superstars like Luka Doncic and Stephen Curry were getting the best out of it.

The team’s respective guards were arcing high rainbow shots to get on butting heads against each other. Definitely the Golden State Warriors can never get back to these definite match ups that include a three-point competition like these. This very mediocre performance got Charles Barkley fired up. More over fed up with the performance.

Charles Barkley ridicules Warriors-Mavericks Three-Point Battle

Stephen Curry and Charles Barkley

The game of basketball got to a competitive position because of the shooting prodigy Stephen Curry. The young Curry introduced the very effortless contest of threes into the game. And getting into competition with the perfectionist is a terrible idea. It is not a surprise when the two teams paying combine for 60 number of threes in a matchup. However, this seems to distress Charles Barkley. Dallas attempted 50 three pointers while GSW had 43 in the game. Although the Dubs got the better shooting percentage. Barkley reacted aggressively to this. He said, “Y’all sit there and watch this stupid ass basketball, just jack up 3’s all night. If they go in, we win. If we miss, we lose. Give me a break, you dumba**.”

This definitely was a game for the Dallas to win. Without Eric Paschall, Kevon Loony, James Wiseman the Golden State were surely on the back foot. Yet they stole the show. Mavs just couldn’t contain the Warriors’ offence. Are the GSW back to their prime form?

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