“You need not to do something unbelievable, just show respect” says Karen Khachanov to Nick Kyrgios

Karen Khachanov and Nick Kyrgios have been involved in an ugly spat ever since the latter made disrespectful comments against Mats Wilander.

Karen Khachanov (left) and Nick Kyrgios

In the recent days, tennis fans have witnessed an ugly spat between Karen Khachanov and Nick Kyrgios on Twitter. It all started when Kyrgios wrote some disrespectful comments for Mats Wilander, and it has not gone down too well with the Next Gen star Khachanov.

Since then, both the players are involved in a fight on the social media. However, Khachanov insists that he does not hold a grudge against the temperamental Aussie and he respects Kyrgios.

I always said that I respect Nick: Karen Khachanov

Karen Khachanov

In a recent interview at the ongoing French Open, Khachanov said, “I don’t have any problem with Nick and I always said that I respect him… I don’t know why he acts sometimes the way he acts. Maybe, you should ask him and not me.

Khachanov further added that why he didn’t like the disrespectful comments against Mats Wiliander. “I was raised like this in my family, to always respect older people, first of all, respect higher-status people. I’m not saying that you need to do something unbelievable, but just to show respect, especially to players in our sport which done a lot of things. But, even like this, you need to show respect to players who are lower in ranking, as well,” the Russian told the reporters.

While the spat is not ending anytime soon, Khachanov has assured that it doesn’t affect his performance on the court as the Russian has made it to the the third round at Roland Garros. He is due to face Cristian Garin and is expected to emerge victorious from the contest and further advance to the next round of the Grand Slam.

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