“You will pay for what you did” Paulo Costa demands rematch with Israel Adesanya

Paulo Costa lashes out at Israel Adesanya after humping gestures and dance moves.

Paulo Costa is 5-1 in UFC after UFC 253 defeat

Israel Adesanya retained his title after beating the challanger Paulo Costa via second round TKO at UFC 253. This was Costa’s first professional MMA defeat. It was a one sided fight as Costa couldn’t even land a clean punch.

Some rivalries are driven by bad blood and this was surely one among them. Perhaps not just bad blood but also, the will to defend one’s pride against your rival. Adesanya smashed more than 50 significant strikes than Costa as the latter fell under the wrath of the New Zealander. 

Adesanya picked apart the Costa’s lead leg from the beginning, quickly leaving marks from multiple leg kicks. With most of the kicks going unchecked and Costa showing little willingness to actually get involved in the fight. Adesanya opened things up in the second round only to fool around with to eventually end things in emphatic style with a TKO. Even in the Post- Match conference, Adesanya said, “I told Costa I will finish him up.” 


Fanatics thought the duo should’ve showed some mutual respect to one another after the fight was called off after the 2nd round TKO. But it wasn’t to be the case after Adesanya’s showboating and teasing dance moves. 

Adesanya humps Costa after fight was called off 

As soon as the fight was called off, Adesanya was seen humping Costa when the latter was lying almost out of breath on the floor. Adesanya was not done, as he followed that humping with his weird dance moves that mocked Costa ever so badly. 

Costa demands rematch after Adesanya’s unsportsmanlike behaviour 


Just after Adesanya knocked out Costa and gathered his 20-0 victory. Some MMA fans suggested Adesanya went over the top to by mimicking Costa and dancing in the octagon. However, this was not the first time Adesanya was seen doing this, he has always show boated after each of his victory. 

Costa said, “This video goes out to that (Adesanya) ‘Human Trash’, I could not see what you did to me in the octagon. But I saw it in the video after. I will beat you to hell in the rematch. Something happened backstage before the fight, I am giving no excuse for the loss to my friends or anymore. But I am 100% ready for a rematch to answer you after you disrespecting me. For me your actions are more humiliating. You know, I am ready and waiting for you.” 

Only time will tell whether or not Costa gets a shot at Adesanya again or not. But one thing can be said for sure, that the Brazilian is in no mood to forget this disrespect shown to him anytime soon. 

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