Zach Wilson reportedly could be named Broncos’ starting quarterback ahead of Bo Nix and Jarrett Stidham

The Broncos are closely comparing Bo Nix and Zach Wilson to determine which of the two is more deserving of the starter's role.

Zach Wilson reportedly could be named Broncos’ starting quarterback ahead of Bo Nix and Jarrett Stidham

Zach Wilson, Jarrett Stidham, and Bo Nix (via IMAGO)

Following the failed experiment with Russell Wilson at QB, the Denver Broncos intends to start afresh and drafted Bo Nix in this draft. In order to further strengthen the quarterback room, Sean Payton brought in Zach Wilson from the Jets.

The elephant in the room has been, ‘Who will be the starting QB for the Broncos this season?’ Head coach Sean Payton has not made any commitments by announcing which of his 3 quarterbacks will start. It is being assumed that Bo Nix will get the job but a report from ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler says otherwise.

The journalist’s assessment via Bleacher Report indicates that Zach Wilson has been performing well in the off-season and there is a strong possibility of him bagging the starter role.

They're trying to regain his confidence again. I'm told he's in a positive state of mind.
Jeremy Fowler reported

The claims clearly indicate that Zach Wilson has been building himself back up this off-season.

A change of scenario is what Zach Wilson needed to make a comeback

The past two years have not been favorable for Zach Wilson. Last season, he was meant to sit on the bench and learn from Aaron Rodgers. However, owing to unforeseen circumstances, he was thrust into action. The quarterback grew from the preceding season and showed improvement, but it was not good enough as Wilson ended his year with 2,271 yards, 8 touchdowns, 7 interceptions, and a horrendous QBR of 30.6 (ranked 30th in the NFL).

Zach Wilson
Zach Wilson (via IMAGO)

After being traded in April in exchange for late-round picks, Zach Wilson is in a new scenario. With Sean Payton as his head coach, he is in a good environment. This trade could serve as a boon for him. After all, the criticism and hate from Jets fans that he has been subjected to seemed to have adversely impacted the confidence of the young quarterback.

The Broncos are the best team for him, and if he gets the starter’s role, it would be because he earned it. However, that would be easier said than done. Bo Nix, the 12th overall pick of the Broncos has not disappointed in practice either. The 24-year-old quarterback is looking to have an immediate impact on his team, and he will have to start by proving that he is the best quarterback amongst Zach Wilson and Jarrett Stidham.

Stidham remains the only quarterback from last season remaining on the Broncos. He started the last two games of the 2023 NFL season and understands Sean Payton’s offense in-and-out. He remains in the race to secure the starter’s role as well.

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