5 Most Controversial Races of the 2021 Formula 1 Season

Here are five of the most controversial races of the 2021 Formula 1 season.

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton
Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton

The 2021 Formula 1 season has been an exciting one to say the least. The rivalry between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen will be one to remember for times to come, as the last race became the decider for who would be world champion. Eventually, it was Max Verstappen who clinched the title in historic fashion.

Yet the season has not been devoid of its fair share of controversies, with debatable decisions being taken by the stewards. These decisions caused much drama off the track as emotions ran high. Here are the 5 most controversial races of the 2021 Formula 1 season.

5 Most Controversial Races of the 2021 Formula 1 Season

1. Bahrain Grand Prix

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton
Max Verstappen chasing Lewis Hamilton in the Bahrain GP 2021

A tight front row lockout at the Bahrain Grand Prix meant that there would be some wheel to wheel action between the 2 rivals. Yet it was not the beginning of the race that caused controversy, but lap 53 instead. Verstappen overtook Hamilton to take the lead, but was immediately instructed to give it back after being found of exceeding track limits.

In frustration Verstappen had to hand his place back to the Brit, who flew away with it, leaving the former with only a second place finish in a controversial decision by the stewards.

2. British Grand Prix

British Grand Prix
British Grand Prix

The British Grand Prix will be remembered as one of the most disastrous in the entire season for Verstappen. With Hamilton’s home Grand Prix being at very high stakes for him, a collision came very close to ending his happy streak. Hamilton was found to be at fault for a collision in the opening lap that was ultimately responsible for ending Verstappen’s race.

Hamilton however, would eventually go on to win his eighth British Grand Prix despite a 10 second time penalty, and received a lot of hate as Max Verstappen went to the hospital instead.

3. Italian Grand Prix

Mercedes at Italian Grand Prix

One of the most dangerous days for both the drivers, the Italian Grand Prix was their worst nightmare come true. With both drivers pushing hard, Lewis came out of the pits on lap 27. Having the inside line to defend from Verstappen, Hamilton looked to be ahead as they went into the first corner of the chicane.

However, as they came into the second corner both the cars collided as Verstappen’s car went flying and bounced off of Hamiton’s halo. Both drivers escaped without any injury, but caused a lot of drama off track with Verstappen making it clear that the rivalry was not over just yet.

4. Saudi Arabia Grand Prix

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton
Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton

The penultimate race of the season was a nerve wracking one, as Verstappen had an opportunity to win the world Championship that weekend, or at least solidify his lead in the title fight. Yet it was not meant to be, as the youngster picked up a five second penalty for getting caught up with Hamilton at turn 1.

Verstappen later had to cede position to the Brit not once, but twice, as a series of yellow and red flags plagued the race. Hamilton also ended up crashing into the back of the Red Bull, with controversy being caused that accused Verstappen of brake testing.

5. Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

As expected, the Formula 1 title decider was full of drama, with starts, strategies and ends playing an important role in deciding Max Verstappen being the world champion.

The race hit immediate controversy when Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen collided on the very first lap, with the Mercedes driver being pushed wide which caused him to go into run off, but enter back with a time advantage. With no investigation being taken on this incident, Red Bull and Verstappen were furious.

The very last lap of the Gr and Prix also ended in quite the controversy, with the winner being decided on that very lap. Just before the restart ahead of the yellow flag, some of the lapped cars were allowed to overtake leader Hamilton, which suddenly left him vulnerable to Verstappen and his fresh soft tyres.

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