AC Valhalla Tarben: How to Romace with Tarben in Assassin’s creed?

Build a Bakery in the settlement in prder to Romance with Tarben. You should talk to the baker and take the fishing trip with him once you create the Bakery.

AC Valhalla Tarben Romance

AC Valhalla Tarben: AC Valhalla from Ubisoft has a number of characteristics and more content is often added as a DLC. After their first debut in 2018’s odyssey, Romance feature is back for Assassin’s creed Valhalla. One feature of the player is to be able to romanticise with other characters, but the player first has to have a relationship of confidence. Tarben is one of those characters you can have a link to. Learn more about the romance possibilities of AC Valhalla Tarben.

What should you do before you Romance with AC Valhalla Tarben?

AC Valhalla Tarben Romance

In order to pamper Tarben, you must finish The Baker’s complaint, whereby Eivor knows more about the history of Tarben when you guide him to collect some products from a market which is nearby. Until you have first developed the Bakery in Ravensthorpe, you cannot start this quest. Before this is possible, you must have a Level 2 – Colony status for settlement.

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If you have finished Baker’s complaint, you can continue with Man of the Mystery which is expanded into the context of Tarben and confirmed some of the questions you raised when you visited the market and read the bakery notes. You now can talk to Tarben and choose, “Can we spend some time together?”, after Eivor and Tarben completely trust each other. This leads to the spending of Eivor and Tarben fishing together at the Ravensthorpe docks.

You will have to wait some days after fishing before you can talk to Tarben again. In doing so, he will announce his interest in Eivor and you will be able to speak the same sentiments and start the relationship. If you select the heart symbol choice, it will lead to your permanent relationship and will split all other existing loves. You’ll be able to go fishing together from then on, to partake in drinking competitions, or to play a Game of Orleg, but you’ll still have the possibility to go fishing as you wish just like other relationships.

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