AEW backstage people reportedly frustrated with Tony Khan’s decision to air CM Punk’s All In altercation video

The CM Punk-Jack Perry footage was supposedly used to help build the FTR-Young Bucks clash at Dynasty.

AEW backstage people reportedly frustrated with Tony Khan’s decision to air CM Punk’s All In altercation video

CM Punk and Tony Khan (via WWE/WrestleTalk)

The wrestling community went into total dismay when AEW aired the footage from All In 2023. It was done to showcase the actual truth behind the infamous altercation between CM Punk and Jack Perry. However, it badly backfired on AEW as it made them look like they were trying to bring down The Second City Saint. Now, a report has emerged that sheds light on the environment behind the scenes in AEW.


According to Wrestling Observer Radio, personnel backstage in AEW are quite frustrated after they showcased the clip. It is being said that there is a sense of resentment over this, as this matter should not have been opened up. Besides, the report suggests that this infamous incident should have been forgotten as soon as the world could, as bringing it up again and again won’t do good for AEW.

As soon as Tony did that, then I started to hear from people, and it was people who were just like, really frustrated going like, 'Now it's back, the whole thing is back' It opened up a wound that needed to be closed. They need to move past this. This doesn't do AEW any good. If I'm Punk, I'm laughing about it honestly.

Furthermore, the report by WOR’s Dave Meltzer also sheds light on CM Punk, as it states that the Best in the World must be laughing at the entire situation. It was similar to the reaction he posted on his Instagram. Besides, Tony Khan‘s plan surely backfired on him, as it led to the company receiving a lot of heat from people all over the internet.

It seems like the controversy has taken another turn with these recent incidents. All of this went down after the Straight Edge Superstar opened up about this in his interview on the MMA Hour. It is going to be interesting to see what’s next for the Voice of the Voiceless from here on out.


Bully Ray expressed his opinion on AEW airing CM Punk’s footage

AEW has become the talk of the town ever since they aired CM Punk’s footage from All In. It has become a major point of discussion among the fans, and many wrestling personalities are now sharing their views on the matter. As such, wrestling veteran Bully Ray has shared his thoughts over this as he made some audacious claims about the promotion.

CM Punk and Tony Khan
CM Punk and Tony Khan (via WWE/Pinterest)

Speaking on Busted Open, Bully Ray stated that the company needs some serious help. He made a statement by saying that he is up for helping AEW at no cost at all. Furthermore, the WWE Hall of Famer also added that it is now out of control and that even ‘diehard’ fans need to understand it.

This company needs help. At this point, I hope even you diehards realize that. There are lots of people who wanna help. I’ve gone on record to say I would help for free.
Bully Ray on AEW

Moreover, Ray said that it was the fault of the booker, Tony Khan. He called it a major concern for the promotion heading forward. It is for certain that this incident has not put AEW into any good spotlight. In fact, it has become a splinter for Khan from now on.

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