WATCH: Alex Pereira SHOCKS Tai Tuivasa with amazing pool skills and trickshots

Video shows Alex Pereira showing off pool skills with Tai Tuivasa.

WATCH: Alex Pereira SHOCKS Tai Tuivasa with amazing pool skills and trickshots

Alex Pereira shows off pool skills with Tai Tuivasa (Imagr via Imago)

Alex Pereira is a man of many talents. The light heavyweight champion was recently seen with UFC heavyweight, Tai Tuivasa and the two did many things together. From cutting hair to trading punches, the fighters uploaded their recent activities on social media. The latest of which is currently making its rounds on the internet.

Alex Pereira is currently in Australia and his visit to the continent found him in the company of Tai Tuivasa. The light heavyweight champion accompanied Tuivasa to the headquarters of ‘Drink West’ in Sydney. The video shows Pereira displaying his mastery in playing pool as he pockets balls one after another.

Tuivasa who was on the side with a drink in his hand was seen laughing heartily as Pereira pocketed two shots at once. ‘Bam Bam’ is known for his signature style of celebration where he climbs the octagon cage and drinks off of shoes, which he calls a ‘shoey’. Clearly, he loves drinking.

The UFC heavyweight has his own beer company called Drink West. Tuivasa co-owns it along with Tyson Pedro and Nathan Cleary. In 2022, DrinkWest was declared the official beer company of the UFC. It was in its headquarters in Sydney, Australia where ‘Poatan’ paid a visit during his stay in Australia.

Was Alex Pereira arrested by the police in Australia?

Alex Pereira spectacularly won UFC 300. He was rumored to immediately feature at UFC 301, that was a few weeks apart in Brazil. However, injuries before and during his showdown rendered him unable to fight as he took a break to recover.

What is next for Alex Pereira?
What is next for Alex Pereira? (Image via Imago)

During this, Pereira made several appearances, attended events and training sessions, and was even seen shooting ads. He is in Australia to do the same. The UFC light heavyweight champion was recently pulled over by Australian police during his visit to the country.

Surprisingly, the stop was not because ‘Poatan’ broke the law. Instead, the officers wanted to take a photo with the UFC star. Pereira has engaged in a couple of promotional activities ahead of his next title defense. Fans are waiting in anticipation as he is rumored to take on Jiri Prochazka for a rematch later this year.

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