In Pictures: Andrea Gaudenzi presents Jannik Sinner the new World No. 1 trophy

Sinner receives the ceremonial trophy as he officially becomes World No.1.

In Pictures: Andrea Gaudenzi presents Jannik Sinner the new World No. 1 trophy

Jannik Sinner receives World No.1 trophy (Image via ATP Tour)

Jannik Sinner is now officially the new World No.1 after the ATP rankings were updated. He becomes the first ever Italian man to receive this title. After the French Open, he returned to his residence in Monte Carlo, Monaco, where he received a trophy today to celebrate his achievement. 

It is a customary practice at the ATP to present every new World No.1 with a trophy in recognition of the accomplishment. This was not seen much over the last three decades as the big three dominated that period, battling for the top position amongst themselves. Now that they have slowed down, tennis fans have already seen three new World No. 1s in the last two years – Daniil Medvedev, Carlos Alcaraz, and now, Jannik Sinner.

The Chairman of the ATP Tour, Andrea Gaudenzi, was present to hand the award to Sinner at the Monte Carlo Country Club. The large crystalline trophy with the number ‘1’ etched into it is a welcome addition to Sinner’s growing collection of trophies.

Sinner is now ahead of the World No.2 position by almost 1000 points, which means his reign at the top of the world is secure for the near future.

Carlos Alcaraz edges past Novak Djokovic to close in on Sinner

Carlos Alcaraz shattered records with his French Open victory on Sunday, which earned him his third Grand Slam title. He also earned more ranking points than he had at the tournament last year, resulting in a net positive that let him move up a spot on the rankings ladder, overtaking Novak Djokovic to become the World No.2.

Jannik Sinner, Carlos Alcaraz
Jannik Sinner, Carlos Alcaraz (Images via IMAGO)

He now leads the 24-time Grand Slam champion by 220 ranking points and the gap may widen with Djokovic potentially missing the next few big tournaments after getting his knee operated on. 

Jannik Sinner is well ahead of both of them and he has been known to do well on grass, which means all eyes will be on Wimbledon, where Alcaraz is the defending champion. 

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