Anwar Ali challenges AIFF over medical condition case!

Anwar Ali has filed a petition against AIFF at Delhi High court for banning him over heart condition.

Anwar Ali

Young defender Anwar Ali who was a part of India’s u17 squad is ill. AIFF has advised the young defender to stop playing. However the youngster refuses to accept this decision.

Ali has a rare heart disease which may be fatal for him. The condition is called Apical Hyper Cardio Myopathy.

Anwar Ali challenges AIFF

The case is being led by Abhimanyu Tewari for Anwar Ali. Moreover they have filed multiple petitions for the case against AIFF.The petition seeks to find out about the quashing of a letter sent by the AIFF to Mohammedan Sporting on September 7, 2020, directing the club to not allow Ali to train with the team.

Moreover the petition also questions the status of the AIFF sports medical committee. It’s tasked by the AIFF with recommending to the executive committee whether Ali could continue to play.

Moreover the petition states that the committee is not in alliance with the AIFF Constitution. Thereby it seeks to question it’s existence as it’s not in compliance with 35(4) article.

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