Best Free Fire Character Combinations with Wukong for aggressive gameplay (After update)

Wukong is one of the best characters in Free Fire. Here are the best Free Fire character combinations with Wukong after the latest update

Best Free Fire Character Combinations with Wukong
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Free Fire OB30 update has brought many changes and new features into the game. Here are the best Free Fire Character Combinations with Wukong after the latest update.

Free Fire has emerged as one of the most popular games in the world and recently, it has achieved the title of the most-watched mobile game of the third quarter of 2021. The developers have released the OB30 update along with the MAX version recently, which made players exciting to try out the new game with the update.

The recent OB30 has modified a few changes in some of the abilities of characters, with Chrono being the most highlighted rework, which has been downgraded. Wukong is another character whose ability has been reworked to some extent. This article will discuss the best Free Fire character combinations with Wukong after the OB30 update.

Wukong’s ability

Best Free Fire Character Combinations with Wukong

Wukongs’ ability is called Camouflage which enables players to get transformed into a bush for a while. Players can gain an advantage by hiding under the bush and attack the opponents by surprise.

At the basic level, The ability will transform into a bush with a 20% reduction in the movement speed. This will last for 10 seconds and with a CD period of 300 seconds. However, when Wukong takes down an enemy the CD period is reset. On the other hand, the duration of 10 seconds would be increased to 15 seconds and the CD period is down to 200 seconds.

Here are the best Free Fire Character Combinations with Wukong for overpowered gameplay.

Best Free Fire Character Combinations with Wukong

A. Wukong+Hayato+Maxim+Moco

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This combination is the best combination for Clash Squad. Clash Squad has a short play zone and players will face too many close-quarter fights. Many players find close-range fights hard and they need to be assertive in these range fights. The first character the strikes in this list is Hayato.

Hayato is a powerful character when it comes to close range and his ability will tear down enemy’s armour such that you are able to take them down easily. Even if you miss headshots in close-range, Hayato will make sure the same damage is dealt when you hit the body.

If an enemy gives you greater damage, he will definitely push onto you within no time. You have to heal yourself up and be able to fight again, for that process, Maxim is the character that you need to use. You will be recovered before the enemy reaches you and will be ready again.

Moco is another character whose ability has become popular after the arrival of Elite moco. Players can now see the enemy’s location for 11.5 seconds with Elite character and thus make an easy idea of taking them down with grenades or other ways. But, you need to hit the enemy first and then the tag is shown when the enemy sprints.

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B. Wukong+Kelly+Maxim+Laura

Best Free Fire Character Combinations Wukong

This combination is for the ranked mode in the Battle Royale.

You need to take quick actions and faster movements in order to survive in the game especially in the last zone. Kelly makes sure that your springing speed is boosted up and thus, you can run into the possible shortest cover spot if you are wide open on the field.

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Maxim Character’s ability is already mentioned before which lets you heal in no time. This character can be so useful in the last zone. The last character is Laura which character is so helpful for sniper players. Her ability will increase the stability while firing. Thus, snipers can make the most out of this ability in long-range. Dasha character can be a prime choice if you play with ARs, whose ability will reduce the recoil.

best wukong combination in free fire

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