‘Blunt’ Stephen A. Smith isn’t excited about Odell Beckham Jr’s future with the Dolphins following $8.25 million deal

Odell Beckham Jr. has only eclipsed 500 yards once in the past 4 seasons.

‘Blunt’ Stephen A. Smith isn’t excited about Odell Beckham Jr’s future with the Dolphins following $8.25 million deal

Stephen A. Smith is happy for Odell Beckham Jr. as he gets a contract with the Miami Dolphins, but is not excited (image via Imago)

Odell Beckham Jr. signing with the Miami Dolphins has pricked the ears of many who heard the news for the first time. The deal brought different levels of excitement as well as head-shaking reactions.

Most notable was Stephen A. Smith, who had a blunt response when hearing about the $8.25 million contract the wider receiver signed. While speaking on First Take on ESPN, the longtime analyst had quite a few words to say.

I'm excited for him. I'm not excited for the rest of us. We haven't seen the Odell Beckham Jr. that we saw with the New York Giants. We know he can still play. Durability is an issue. But I'm happy for him that he's landed to a spot where he's got somebody like Tagovailoa, who can throw the football. And I wish him nothing but the best, I'm always rooting for OBJ. I just don't know how much he has left health wise I hope he's ok.
Stephen A. Smith

Stephen A. Smith basically suggested that Beckham Jr. was past his best’s health is an issue. As long as he can stay healthy, he could still contribute.

However, Smith was quick to suggest that the superstar wideout was well past his best. Despite being only 31 years old, Beckham Jr.’s career has been plagued with injuries. At least Smith is happy that Beckham Jr. will still catch passes from an extremely accurate quarterback.

That itself will help him play better than before. If a bounce-back season does take place, it will bode well for Beckham Jr.’s remaining career. That is if he can keep himself healthy.

Injuries denied Odell Beckham Jr. to perform at his best

Stephen A. Smith suggested that when Odell Beckham Jr. burst onto the scene with the New York Giants, it made him an overnight superstar. He kept up his end of the bargain by consistently catching for over 1300 yards in his first 3 seasons. Then his injuries started to hamper his production.

Injuries have slowed down the once electric Odell Beckham Jr.
Injuries have slowed down the once-electric Odell Beckham Jr. (image via Imago)

From 2017 until the end of last year, the former LSU star managed to play the full season once. Every year, injuries have kept a lid on his performances. Last season, he managed to haul in a decent 500+ yards despite not starting every game.

What version of Odell Beckham Jr. will everyone get to see with the Miami Dolphins is yet to be seen. Stephen A. Smith would love to see the prodigious talent that once captivated the NFL back at his bet again.

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