“I was a pig, high on cocaine!” Mike Tyson got brutally honest about ‘The Hangover’

The former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson describes his state of mind during the filming of The Hangover.

“I was a pig, high on cocaine!” Mike Tyson got brutally honest about ‘The Hangover’

Mike Tyson (image credit- The New York Times)

The higher a person rises to the top of their life, the greater the risk of falling from greatness. Mike Tyson lived a life of something close to that. Tyson had a tough upbringing, but he rose to the top with his boxing skills. However, other troubles followed, and Tyson filed for bankruptcy.

In addition, years after his retirement, Tyson slowly started to recoup the lost money. Tyson praised his wife for helping him. During this time, Tyson acted in films, which included the famous The Hangover. While describing himself during this phase, Tyson stated:

I was a pig, high on cocaine! Those guys had my back"
Mike Tyson on filming The Hangover

Hence, Tyson described himself as a pig because he weighed 280 pounds and was overweight while filming the movie. Furthermore, Tyson described himself as a “pig” high on cocaine at the time because of his substance abuse problems. Despite the problem, the cast of the film helped Tyson immensely.

Subsequently, Tyson has also previously admitted to using drugs and did so on the set of the movie. Tyson also revealed that he did not remember much, but the people on the set knew he was high. Furthermore, Tyson stated that everyone on set supported him and was a good person to work with.

Prime Mike Tyson’s 20-inch-wide neck

Tyson was known as the “Baddest Man on the Planet” because of his infamous fighting style and ferociousness. However, Tyson was called “Iron Mike” because of his devastating punching power and incredible neck. Subsequently, Tyson had an astonishing neck circumference of 20 inches, most likely due to his strenuous training.

Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson (image credit- People)

In addition, some of the young heavyweight’s drills were downright brutal. While Tyson routinely performed neck bridges in the ring, he often went above and beyond. On some of Tyson’s stretches, it’s almost impossible to believe he didn’t break his neck.

Several years after retiring, the former heavyweight champion revealed that the workouts left him with lasting injuries. Subsequently, Tyson stated he used to do the bridges for three minutes in a row and several rounds.

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