“It’s so f*king frightening…” Vulnerable Mike Tyson admits to ALMOST klling himself after disrespect from children

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson revealed being suicidal because of an interaction with his children.

“It’s so f*king frightening…” Vulnerable Mike Tyson admits to ALMOST klling himself after disrespect from children

Mike Tyson (Source: IMAGO)

Mike Tyson is one of the most well-known figures in heavyweight boxing from the sport’s golden era. Tyson’s fame and record rivaled the great Muhammad Ali, who was a childhood hero of Tyson. Subsequently, Tyson followed Ali’s footsteps and became the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing at 20 years old. After becoming the champion at such a young age, Tyson’s life had several ups and downs.

Mike Tyson had to even serve time in prison because of a rape allegation and returned to the ring with more ferociousness. However, many people do not know that Tyson not only has a dangerous side but a sensitive side as well. Several years after retiring, Tyson once revealed that he was suicidal because of his children. This is what Tyson said:

It's so f**king frightening. I felt like dying. I wanted to kill myself.
Mike Tyson via his podcast

Hence, Tyson revealed that he became suicidal after his children stopped respecting him. Furthermore, Tyson revealed that he wanted to die because he really valued and cherished the presence of his children. Subsequently, Tyson couldn’t find any meaning in his life because his children stopped respecting him.

Throughout Tyson’s versatile life, he has achieved a lot of money and fame but has lost all of it. Even though he has recently regained fame, Tyson still cherishes and values his family above all else and lives solely for them.

Everything about Mike Tyson’s children

Mike Tyson is known as ‘The Baddest Man on Earth’, and he just proved that he’s still in fighting shape at 53 years old. The former heavyweight champion also returned to the ring when he took on Roy Jones Jr. Furthermore, the exhibition match ended with a draw, but fans raved about Tyson’s performance.

Mike Tyson's children
Mike Tyson’s children (image credit- Hollywood Life)

In addition, Tyson is known for his intensity, but most people don’t know about Tyson’s family life. Tyson has been married a few times and has had six children across his life with his partners. Furthermore, Tyson’s children’s names are Mikey, Lorna, Rayna, Amir, Miguel, Milan, and Morocco.

Subsequently, Tyson had a daughter named Exodus, who tragically died when she was only four years old. The loss had greatly affected Tyson and his mental health, but he was able to bounce back. Furthermore, Tyson is a family man who loves and cherishes his children and values their opinions about him.

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