“They thought I was an actor,” Mike Tyson once unveiled hilarious encounter with ninth grader that left the boxing legend humbled

Boxing legend Mike Tyson reveals the story of how he got humbled by a group of ninth graders in high school.

“They thought I was an actor,” Mike Tyson once unveiled hilarious encounter with ninth grader that left the boxing legend humbled

Mike Tyson talks about Islam ( Image via Imago )

Mike Tyson is one of the most famous personalities in combat sports history. Tyson has experienced the company of many celebrities. However, he once shared a story of a humbling interaction with a group of ninth graders.

Mike Tyson humorously recounted an encounter where a young student recognized him from “The Hangover” rather than his boxing career. Recounting the experience, Tyson said:

It's pretty humbling. I went to a highschool and the teacher had a screen showing the kids some of my fights cause they never saw me fight. They thought I was an actor. One of the kids said, 'I think my grandfather told me about you'. That was humbling. You wanna be humbled. Oh sh*t. These little ninth grade motherfu***rs.
Mike Tyson on a humbling experience

Mike Tyson made a cameo in the 2009 film “The Hangover.” His appearance was a surprise to him, as he was doing drugs at that time. In a conversation with Tony Robbins, Tyson mentioned that he was drinking and using drugs a lot during the filming and became aware of his part later. Despite his impaired state, Tyson’s cameo became iconic, contributing to the movie’s success.

His dynamic and ruthless boxing style marks Mike Tyson’s legacy. This made him an iconic and incomparable athlete in the boxing world. Tyson competed from 1985 to 2005, earning widespread recognition for his athleticism, personality, and showmanship.

Mike Tyson endured a tumultuous period, including legal issues and imprisonment. Tyson’s post-prison redemption became a significant part of his legacy, both inside and outside the ring. His induction into the Hall of Fame in 2011 solidified his enduring impact on the sport.


Man punched by Mike Tyson in viral video demands money

Melvin Townsend, punched by Mike Tyson on a JetBlue flight, demands a substantial amount of money. Melvin has demanded a $450,000 settlement after a viral video captured the altercation.

Mike Tyson
Man punched by Mike Tyson demands money ( Image via Imago )

The incident occurred on a JetBlue flight from San Francisco in April 2022. Tyson punched the man on a plane, as captured in a video where Tyson threw a flurry of blows, causing visible injuries to the passenger’s forehead.

Tyson revealed that he punched the passenger because the individual was allegedly ‘f***ing with’ him. Despite the incident, authorities decided not to press criminal charges against Mike Tyson. Tyson’s attorney dismissed the demand as a ‘shakedown.’ Meanwhile, details of Townsend’s criminal history have been brought into question.


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