“It’s over for this guy” – Gervonta Davis blasts Ryan Garcia’s excuses on lost fight questioning his dedication for boxing

Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis have exchanged words on X after Garcia once again brought up injury claims before their highly anticipated showdown.

“It’s over for this guy” – Gervonta Davis blasts Ryan Garcia’s excuses on lost fight questioning his dedication for boxing

Gervonta Davis blasts Ryan Garcia ( Image via Imago )

Gervonta Davis recently responded to Ryan Garcia‘s statements. Davis criticized Garcia’s lack of discipline and dedication. The comment suggested a dismissive attitude toward Garcia, possibly indicating a lack of concern or belief in his own superiority in the ring.


The exchange suggested tension between the two fighters. Gervonta Davis emphasized his concerns about Garcia’s commitment to the sport. Taking to X (previously known as Twitter ) in a now-deleted tweet, this is what he wrote:

Tbh, idk why this kid talking. It's over for this guy..give him a year, 2 or less no discipline no dedication..he showed yall on all access and it went right over yall head
Gervonta Davis to Ryan Garcia

The rivalry between Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia was a high-profile one in the boxing world. Ryan Garcia recently made statements that he had walked into the fight with injury. However, it seems like Gervonta Davis was having none of it. These ongoing verbal exchanges build anticipation and hype for potential future matchups. It will be interesting to see how this dynamic develops within the boxing community in the coming months.

Gervonta Davis's deleted tweet
Gervonta Davis’s deleted tweet ( Image via X )

Gervonta Davis has an impressive undefeated boxing record of 30-0-0. He has 29 wins and no losses or draws, and 28 of his victories came by knockout. Davis has secured five world title wins and has successfully defended his title seven times across two weight classes. His boxing journey started in 2013, and he has showcased his dominance in the sport.


What happened in Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia’s highly anticipated showdown

The clash between Davis and Garcia became a significant moment in contemporary boxing. It drew attention not only for its sporting competition but also for the personalities involved. The bout, marked by genuine animosity, showcased the clash between two of America’s most popular and controversial boxers. This created significant attention and anticipation in the lead-up to the fight.

Gervonta Davis Ryan Garcia
Gervonta Davis beat Ryan Garcia ( Image via X )

The match was both praised by commentators and proved to be financially successful. The rivalry was evident in the exchange of words between Davis and Garcia during the weigh-in. Gervonta Davis secured victory with a 7th-round knockout, delivering a decisive blow to Ryan Garcia’s right abdomen. The aftermath of the fight intensified the narrative around the rivalry, contributing to the ongoing discourse in the boxing community.

Ryan Garcia will return to the ring against Oscar Duarte at the Alamodome in San Antonio. The fight is in the junior welterweight division, marking Garcia’s comeback after his first career loss to Gervonta Davis. Garcia aims to bounce back from his defeat, and the bout is anticipated to be a challenging match.

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