“Cocaine sure does speak a lot” – Oscar De La Hoya SLAMMED as ‘Toxic’ by fans for blaming Ryan Garcia’s mental health for unfiltered public rant

After Ryan Garcia’s recent press conference rant, Oscar De La Hoya is blaming it on Garica’s mental health.

“Cocaine sure does speak a lot” – Oscar De La Hoya SLAMMED as ‘Toxic’ by fans for blaming Ryan Garcia’s mental health for unfiltered public rant

Oscar De La Hoya and Ryan Garcia ( via : Bloody Elbow)

Ryan Garcia‘s long-standing relationship with his promoter Oscar de La Hoya came to a grinding halt earlier this year. Subsequently, after Garcia’s disappointing first career loss against Gervonta Davis in April of this year at T-Mobile Center, Additionally, the two parties are currently embroiled in a legal dispute relating to Garcia’s contract with Golden Boy Promotions.

Furthermore, Garcia is set to make his return to the ring after his defeat to ‘Tank’, as he faces Oscar Duarte, this weekend. Prior to his eagerly awaited return, the boxer ‘KingRy’ has accused his promoter, Hoya, of supporting his opponent Duarte. Subsequently, Garcia also threw shade at boxing legend Bernard Hopkins for commenting about Garcia’s future in boxing. After the press conference, De La Hoya commented on Ryan Garcia by stating:

I have to say that I’m really concerned about Ryan Garcia’s state of mind. Consider his history of mental instability.

Hence, De La Hoya put forward the narrative that Garcia’s explosive press conference rant was because of his mental health. In addition, Garcia stated that only he, his team, and God can decide such a thing, not Hopkins or De La Hoya. Garcia further criticized Hopkins by referring to Hopkins’ assertion that he would never be defeated by a white boxer.  

Following this, Garcia referred to Joe Smith Jr.‘s knockdown of Hopkins, who was a white boxer. Hence, Garcia wanted to state that Hopkins’ claims and stats are not always entirely true, and his words shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Fans react to Oscar De La Hoya’s comment on Ryan Garcia

Garcia’s relationship with Hoya and Golden Boy Promotions has become more toxic and complicated every day this year. Their issues started after Garcia’s first career loss to Davis in April 2023, after which Hoya spoke negatively about Garcia. Garcia found his behavior unloyal and was once warned about this by Canelo Alvarez, who had also worked with Hoya.

Ryan Garcia and Oscar De la Hoya
Ryan Garcia and Oscar De la Hoya (image credit- ESPN)

Subsequently, Garcia has been enduring a legal tug of war to come out of his contract with Golden Boy Promotions. After the recent press conference, Garcia appears to be standing up for himself and the best interests of his career. However, Hoya claims that Garcia is acting out because of his history with mental health problems. Fans reacted to this by stating, “Cocaine sure does speak a lot.”

Furthermore, fans condemned Hoya’s approach by pretending like he cares about about Garcia while bringing up his mental health. Subsequently, fans trolled Hoya for being so salty that Garcia publicly fired shots at him and Hopkins.

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