“Let’s run it back” – Gervonta Davis get response from Ryan Garcia for rematch after sly jibe on Twitter

Ryan Garcia wants to fight Gervonta Davis in a rematch even after his KO loss.

“Let’s run it back” – Gervonta Davis get response from Ryan Garcia for rematch after sly jibe on Twitter

Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia (image credit- IMAGO)

A potential rematch between Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis is looming after a social media interaction between the two. Garcia, born on August 8, 1998, is an American boxer known for his speed, power, and flashy fighting style. Furthermore, he has an impressive record and has gained a significant following on social media. Similarly, Davis, born on November 7, 1994, is an American boxer who is known for his knockout power and aggressive fighting style.


Subsequently, Gervonta Davis has also achieved considerable success in his career and holds multiple world titles in different weight classes. Both fighters fought each other in the catchweight division in April 2023 at T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada. Furthermore, Davis was able to emerge victorious after securing a 7th-round KO by punching Garcia in the right abdomen.

In addition, a potential rematch between them has generated interest among boxing fans after the two had an exchange on X. Garcia expressed his desire for a rematch by stating, “Let’s run it back.”

The exchange started after Davis retweeted a video in which he was dominating a larger opponent who called him out. Subsequently, a fan attempted to troll Davis by stating that Ryan was better than him. Hence, Davis, who always responds to trolls online, involved Garcia by tagging him and asking him if he thought the same.


In addition, Garcia replied to Davis’s tweet, stating that they should run it back in a rematch to know that. Hence, Garcia wants to fight Davis even after his loss, and he stated the same during the post-fight interview as well.

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Conor McGregor also wants a Ryan Garcia vs. Gervonta Davis rematch

Davis was declared the winner after a body shot in the 7th round knocked Garcia to the canvas. Subsequently, after the fight, former UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor had some kind words for Garcia.

Conor Mcgregor visits Ryan Garcia's Dressing room
Conor Mcgregor visits Ryan Garcia’s Dressing room (Image credits- Twitter)

McGregor stated that Davis has won him over, and both fighters are the biggest names in boxing currently. Hence, McGregor expressed how he wanted to see them fight again, and he continued to encourage Garcia after his loss. Furthermore, McGregor stated that their rematch should not include a rehydration clause because it affected Garcia’s performance immensely.


Subsequently, McGregor continued to praise Garcia and called him the future of the sport. In addition, McGregor stated that he will continue to watch and support Garcia as he reaches new heights in his career. Garcia really appreciated McGregor’s support and kind words, and he stated that he would come back much stronger.

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