“Bruh wasn’t worried at all” – Fans lose it on Twitter as Floyd Mayweather gets savage reply from Gervonta Davis during fight against Ryan Garcia

Boxing fans notice a hilarious moment between Gervonta Davis and Floyd Mayweather during the Ryan Garcia fight

“Bruh wasn’t worried at all” – Fans lose it on Twitter as Floyd Mayweather gets savage reply from Gervonta Davis during fight against Ryan Garcia

Gervonta Davis' casual reply to Floyd Mayweather amidst Ryan Garcia fight (Image Sources - MMAJunkie)

The Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia bout is a fight that would go down in the history books. It was a highly anticipated match-up that did not disappoint fight fans as it unfolded recently. The event was a huge success for their respective boxing promoters. Reportedly, the fight amassed over 1.2 million pay-per-view buys. The result of the fight saw ‘Tank’ dominating Garcia and dropping him with a brutal body shot in the 7th round.


Floyd Mayweather was in Davis’ corner, and he has always considered him to be his prodigy. The 46-year-old has been a mentor to ‘Tank’ for several years, and the two share a close relationship inside and outside the ring. However, the two have had their share of disputes with each other. Although they had a rocky relationship in the past, ‘Money’ Mayweather was seemingly delighted with Davis’ devastating knockout victory.

Going into the 7th round, Floyd Mayweather questioned Davis about his opponent. As ‘Tank’ was preparing himself for the next round, Mayweather asked, “Tank, tell me about him. What he got?!” This shows that the 46-year-old was curious about his prodigy’s mental state during the fight. Gervonta’s reply to the question got fans cackling. “Ain’t Nothing!” says ‘Tank’ as he casually looks over to Floyd.

This moment was not witnessed in the fight footage. However, the promoters for this fight, ‘Showtime,’ uploaded an entire episode covering the intricacies of the event. One fan tweeted the hysterical exchange and uploaded it onto Twitter. The tweet immediately went viral, and fans reacted hilariously to this little exchange between the undefeated fighters.


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Fans hysterical at Gervonta Davis’ composed response to Floyd Mayweather

During the famous bout between Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis, fans lost it after ‘Tank’ gave a casual reply to his mentor, Floyd Mayweather. Going into the 7th round, ‘Money’ Mayweather questioned Davis, who was in his corner. The 46-year-old was also seen offering words of encouragement to his prodigy. However, the casual exchange between the fighters was an entertaining moment for fans.

Floyd Mayweather’s franticness followed up with Gervonta Davis’ unbothered reply was a sight to behold. On Twitter, fans are having the time of their life sharing the clip around. One fan went on to tweet, “Bruh wasn’t worried at all,” referencing ‘Tank’s calm reply.

The Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia fight was a staple in boxing history. Multiple celebrities and athletes like Conor McGregor and famous rapper Chief Keef were seen in the audience. It is arguably the biggest boxing fight of 2023.


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