“Made it sound like a low-budget,” Struggling with drugs, Mike Tyson had ZERO idea $1.4 Billion grossing ‘Hangover’ series would revive fame

Former heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson, reveals not knowing much about the movie The Hangover while shooting.

“Made it sound like a low-budget,” Struggling with drugs, Mike Tyson had ZERO idea $1.4 Billion grossing ‘Hangover’ series would revive fame

Mike Tyson in 'The Hangover' movie (Image credit- NY Post)

Mike Tyson is a former heavyweight champion and one of the most controversial figures in the history of boxing. During the pinnacle of his career, Tyson dominated the heavyweight division and was the face of boxing. However, several controversies and financial troubles affected Tyson’s life negatively, and he lost most of his wealth. Furthermore, before starring in the iconic comedy The Hangover, Tyson was on the brink of personal and professional decline.

Tyson’s life has had ups and downs, and he reached the lowest point in the late 90s and early 2000s. Subsequently, after losing the heavyweight championship, Tyson’s professional career took a nosedive. Tyson called himself a ‘pig’ to describe his physical condition during this phase and stated that he was ‘high as a kite’ on cocaine. In addition, he was aware of his role in a movie, but he did not know the details about it. Furthermore, Tyson in an interview with Hollywood Reporter stated:

They made it sound like it was low-budget, not a serious movie.

The first time Tyson was offered a part in The Hangover, he was reluctant at first. This was mainly because Tyson didn’t have any acting experience and was out of shape. However, Tyson agreed to do the part after going through the script and meeting with the director, Todd Phillips.

Even during the shooting of the movie, Mike Tyson was suffering from his drug problem and was always in a blurry haze. Hence, the monumental support and attention he received after the Hangover franchise earned $1.4 billion, changed his life completely.

Mike Tyson’s house in the Hangover movie

The filming experience and his relationship with the cast and crew helped Tyson realize that he had reached a breaking point and needed to turn his life around. Furthermore, The Hangover opened at number one in the United States and worldwide, grossing over $1.4 billion.

Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson ( via The US Sun)

Subsequently, at the time of his release, it was the highest-grossing R-rated film of all time. The director revealed that for Tyson’s house in the movie, they wanted to choose an over-the-top kind of mansion. Hence, they wanted to depict a mansion where the retired legendary boxer would reside with his pets and various belts.

The house scene involved Mike Tyson knocking out one of his co-stars with a vicious punch.

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