WATCH: Mike Tyson powers up Ryan Garcia moments before epic showdown with Oscar Duarte

Mike Tyson visits boxer Ryan Garcia in Houston before upcoming match.

WATCH: Mike Tyson powers up Ryan Garcia moments before epic showdown with Oscar Duarte

Ryan Garcia and Mike Tyson (Via X)

Boxer Ryan Garcia is to make his in-ring return against Oscar Duarte at the Toyota Center in Houston. Surprisingly enough, the former WBC interim lightweight champion is currently in an extensive lawsuit. This is against boxing promoter, Oscar De La Hoya, over certain contractual refutals. However, De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions are still officially promoting the boxing bout.

Ahead of this, boxing legend Mike Tyson has graced the fighter with his blessing. Garcia last faced Gervonta Davis, back in April. ‘King Ry’, standing at 23-1, 19 KOs, is challenging Duarte at the junior lightweight level, this weekend. Ryan Garcia last faced a seventh-round KO skid to Davis.


Tyson had been in support of the boxer even back then. Now, “Iron Mike” has taken to X to commend the boxer. He posted pictures of him, Garcia, and  Ryan Fiterman from Fiterman Sports. Alongside, he also announced his arrival in Houston for the comeback bout. He wrote:

Always enjoy hanging with the people’s champ @RyanGarcia.

Amidst the litigation scuffle with De La Hoya, things had gotten sour in the lead-up to the fight. Tyson’s inclusion in the spectrum provides a fresh and welcome change, as it resonated amongst many fans of the sporting community.

The post on X sees a lot of interactions between the two. A prime comment dissed De La Hoya, labeling Tyson as – “New promoter right there. One that won’t comment about his fighter’s mental health on social media!”


Tyson has been an ardent fan of the boxer with legendary speed. Back in his last fight “Iron Mike” himself was in a $4,50,000 squabble with JetBlue flight.

Ryan Garcia reveals going in with injury to face Gervonta Davis

Last April saw the billing of a hyped boxing bout between Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis. Accordingly, the contested pairing between the WBA lightweight and interim champion saw the label “It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This.”

The bout, at 136lbs (catchweight; with 10lbs rehydration clause) did not have a title at stake. The boxer had garnered the blessing of boxing legend Mike Tyson, in the build-up. Gervonta had emerged victorious from the matchup.

Ryan Garcia divulges fighting Gervonta Davis with rib injury, back in April
Ryan Garcia divulges fighting Gervonta Davis with rib injury, back in April (Source: Twitter)

Garcia saw defeat with a seventh-round body shot to the abdomen. The strike had wobbled the boxer, who sunk to his knees gruntling, holding on to his right abdomen. Now, speaking at the “Last Stand” podcast, “King Ry” has shed light on the matter, saying:

I did go in with a rib injury, a separated rib from sparring. I had to go to the hospital. I couldn’t even run. This was about two weeks before. I decided I wasn’t gonna pull out.

The fight reportedly sold over $1.2 million, with $84.99 PPV buy-ins at Showtime Boxing. Correspondingly, Garcia has advocated upholding the Showtime Boxing. Additional money was made from sponsorships and advertising, and approximately $22.8 million was generated from overall ticket sales.

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