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“That’s not my life anymore” – Mike Tyson reveals how psychedelics saved his life

Mike Tyson spoke about turning his life around with the help of psychedelics.

Mike Tyson

Even five years ago, Mike Tyson was not in a good mental state. The former heavyweight boxing champion had his fair share of struggles with mental health, physical health post-retirement. In fact, he had been dealing with substance abuse during the 90s as well.

In a recent interview with Forbes, ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet” Mike Tyson explained how he turned his life around with the help of psychedelics. Although psychedelics are primarily used for recreational purposes, Tyson revealed how a controlled use of the same revived his life.

Tyson then went on to speak about how psychedelics helped him get closer to God before going on to state that he never took them for recreational purposes.

“I was a junkie five years ago” – Mike Tyson

Tyson was quoted as saying, “You see how much my life changed five years ago? I was a junkie five years ago. I didn’t even think I could survive. Then I got introduced to animal and plant medicine. Before you always read about me in the papers, doing something negative. Now, what happened to that guy? You don’t see me partying anymore. That’s not my life anymore.” [via Marca]

He continued, “It’s hard to really articulate it from my perspective, but psychedelics helped me assume my relationship with God. I don’t use it for recreation. I’m not a recreational user. This stuff is only done from a spiritual perspective. We go to ceremonies, you know. We have to bear witness and be humble.” [via Marca]

Indeed Mike Tyson has turned his life around completely. He returned to terrific shape in late 2020 ahead of his boxing return. ‘Iron Mike’ took on fellow boxing legend Roy Jones Jr., and the pair played out a draw. He has looked in good shape since then. He is also set to make his Bollywood debut in a sports film named Liger.

Besides this, Tyson also has his own podcast – Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson that features notable sports personalities as guests. Tyson, right now is a picture of calm. What are your thoughts on Tyson claiming psychedelics revived him?

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