“This is what happens when you meet your idol,” $450 million man Floyd Mayweather goes VIRAL for asking streamer Adin Ross to pay money before filming him

Boxing legend goes viral after surprising streamer Adin Ross, demanding payment before appearing on camera.

“This is what happens when you meet your idol,” $450 million man Floyd Mayweather goes VIRAL for asking streamer Adin Ross to pay money before filming him

Floyd Mayweather (Image Courtesy: Imago)

In a recent turn of events, YouTuber Adin Ross found his hopes dashed when he attempted to engage with Floyd Mayweather during an event. Over the past week, Ross and his friends had been diligently training at Miami’s BOXR gym, setting the stage for their encounter.

Ross made a bold move by trying to connect with Floyd Mayweather while live-streaming from the gym. To his surprise, Mayweather swiftly demanded that the camera be turned off, displaying complete ignorance of Ross’s identity. Mayweather even went on to inquire about the financial compensation Ross would be willing to provide for his participation in the live stream, stating, “I gotta own my footage. You can’t film me for free. Run a check. Where’s my check?”

Realizing that Mayweather was far from pleased with the situation, Adin Ross chose to exit the scene, leaving with a sense of disappointment. He candidly expressed his feelings, saying, “He did not f*** with me at all. He didn’t look at me. It’s all good. Chat, meet your idols, this is what happens, bro.”

In the end, it was evident that Mayweather’s encounter with Ross didn’t unfold as Ross had hoped, leaving him with the realization that sometimes, meeting one’s idols may not result in the expected connection or camaraderie.

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Adin Ross reacts to Yousef Fousey’s recent controversy

Adin Roass (Image Coourtesy: Rolling Stone)
Adin Roass (Image Coourtesy: Rolling Stone)

Adin Ross has offered his perspective on the recent drama involving Yousef Fousey. On August 23, 2023, during the 12th day of his subathon, Fousey generated significant buzz by calling the police on himself, citing concerns for his own safety.

Following a rapid response from law enforcement to his hotel, the 33-year-old had a series of exchanges with the police officers. He alleged that an individual had threatened physical harm to his mother. Ultimately, he became confrontational with the officers, leading to his arrest.

Fousey was going to sign his Kick deal live with Adin Ross when all this happened and Ross then went to reveal that their deal isn’t affected by the controversy. “He didn’t fumble any bag, bro. He still has a big opportunity. You know what I’m saying? He just – he needs to get this straight and I really want him to, bro. I really, really hope he does. I’m praying for him, bro. This is a really f**king big issue.” Ross was supportive of Fousey’s situation and hoped that everything would be cleared in the future.

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