“Hand picking pizza boys to box,” Legendary UFC champion destroys fans comparing Andrew Tate and Jake Paul’s achievements

Former UFC champion Demetrious Johnson weighs in on a potential MMA fight between Andrew Tate and Jake Paul. Johnson fired back at fans comparing the achievements of Tate and Paul.

“Hand picking pizza boys to box,” Legendary UFC champion destroys fans comparing Andrew Tate and Jake Paul’s achievements

Demetrious Johnson on Andrew Tate vs Jake Paul ( Image source: X )

Former UFC champion Demetrious Johnson shared his thoughts on the potential fight between the Paul and Tate brothers. Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate are former kickboxing champions. Meanwhile, Jake Paul is also a well-recognized name in boxing. Here is what Demetrious Johnson said about Andrew Tate fighting Jake Paul.


Demetrious Johnson said the Paul brothers would win an MMA fight against the Tate brothers. Johnson believed that the Paul brothers’ wrestling knowledge from high school would give them an advantage. He believed Tates would win in a kickboxing match. Contemplating on his recent YouTube video, Demetrious Johnson said:

Well here’s the difference, Andrew Tate has gone off and won world championship in kickboxing. Fought the baddest of the baddest. Whereas Jake Paul is hand picking pizza boys to fight in boxing. So there is a huge difference…. If it goes to MMA, the Paul brothers win.

Andrew Tate is a four-time ISKA former kickboxing champion. His kickboxing career began in 2005, and he competed in his final match in December 2020. Tate won his first championship in 2009 and his first world title in 2011. Tate’s record includes 76 wins, 23 by knockout, and nine losses.

Meanwhile, Jake Paul is a YouTuber-turned-boxer with a boxing record of 8-1. Paul’s most recent fight was a first-round knockout of Andre August in December 2023. Paul’s other wins include victories over former MMA stars Nate Diaz, Tyronn Woodley, and Anderson Silva. Jake’s only loss was a split-decision defeat to Tommy Fury in February earlier this year.


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Fans react to Demetrious Johnson’s prediction of Andrew Tate vs. Jake Paul fight

Jake Paul and Andrew Tate are both controversial figures on social media. Both have amassed a huge fan following of dedicated followers who are loyal to them. As such, it will be an interesting state on the internet if these two influencers ever share the stage inside the fight ring.

Andrew Tate Jake Paul
Andrew Tate and Jake Paul’s face off ( Image via X )

Here are some of the reactions to Demetrious Johnson’s prediction on who would win a fight between the two:

Andrew Tate has built a polarising public persona. His controversial views and actions have stirred discussions about his character. Jake Paul said that Tate would be scared to fight him or Logan and risk losing his ‘alpha male’ appearance. Paul offered $10 million each to Andrew, Tristan, and himself for a fight. It will be interesting to see if this potential fight actually comes to fruition.


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