“They are on the same level”- Eddie Hearn predicts Jake Paul will win the fight against Tommy Fury

Eddie Hearn talked about Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury and predicted who will win the fight between the two.

Eddie Hearn on Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury
Eddie Hearn on Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

Youtuber Jake Paul will embark on his latest boxing adventure on August 6 when he takes on professional boxer Tommy Fury at the Madison square garden. While Jake’s entry into the boxing world has been quite controversial, no one can deny his impact on boxing and the things he has done for the sport. However, Jake is still not taken seriously in the boxing community and he will enter the ring on August 6 to prove everyone wrong and to win the fight against Tommy.

Despite the criticism he faces, Jake has been confident about himself and he is sure he would beat Tommy in August to earn the respect he deserves. Jake’s confident has been appreciated by many and recently sports promoter Eddie Hearn, applauded him for his confident. Hearn talked about the fight between Jake and Tommy and gave his predictions for the fight.

Eddie revealed it is very hard to choose a side and it would be an equal fight between the two. Eddie, however, believes Jake has what it takes to defeat Tommy on August 6 and he could win a fight because of his confidence. Hearn told MMA Hour: “I think Jake probably beat Tommy. They’re about the same level. The problem with Jake is you listen to him and you can’t help being drawn in by the confidence. So I’m now drawn in by the confidence and putting him as a guy who deserves to be a boxer.

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“If Jake loses, his career’s over”- Eddie Hearn reveals what’s at stake for Jake Paul and Tommy Fury ahead of their fight

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury
Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury will enter inside the ring for one of the most anticipated fights of the year. Both fighters were scheduled to face each other last year, but Tommy pulled out of the fight because of an injury. The fight has very high stakes involved for both fighters and promoter Eddie Hearn talked about it in his recent interview.

Jake has fought 5 times professionally and is currently undefeated. However, Jake is criticised for not fighting actual boxers and fighting MMA fighters instead. Jake will now face an actual boxer for the first time in his career and it can be his opportunity to prove to his haters that he can actually fight.

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Talking about the stakes, Eddie said,: “I don’t actually know who’s gonna win, but if Tommy Fury loses, it is genuinely the most embarrassing thing that could ever happen to him. And if Jake loses, his career’s over. So it’s quite exciting.”

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