“Admit ur a scared little b***h”- Jake Paul refutes Tommy Fury’s claims of getting stopped from traveling to US

Jake Paul- Tommy Fury
Jake Paul- Tommy Fury

Jake Paul is ready to take any actions to make the fight with Tommy Fury possible, sends a warning through social media. The much anticipated boxing contest between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury has finally been confirmed. The fight will take place on August 6th at the Madison Square Garden, New York City. The pair was originally set to fight last year but due to Brit’s chest injury it got cancelled. Since then both the superstars have generated a certain amount of animosity towards each other. However, everything is going to be settled inside the squared ring in two months.

As everybody thought things were going smoothly, there has been a new turn to this whole saga. Fury was recently stopped at Heathrow Airport from flying out to the US for the press conference of the fight. The boxer took to Instagram to explain what happened to him at the airport. He said :

“Me and my team arrived at Heathrow Airport ready to fly out and as soon as I entered the airport I was pulled to one side and told by a Homeland Security officer that my ESTA had been denied and that I wasn’t able to travel to the USA for a reason I apparently know. I can stand here and say I have done nothing wrong and I have no clue why I’m not allowed to travel to the USA. I’ve been training for a fight this whole time and that’s all I’ve been doing. I have no clue why I’m not allowed to travel and neither does my team or my lawyers…..I don’t know why this has caused such a huge shock to me and my team. It’s a government issue and it’s a lot bigger than the fight right now and I’m trying to get it sorted.”.

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Jake Paul’s response to Tommy Fury not being able to fly to the U.S.

Tommy Fury and Jake Paul
Tommy Fury calls for Jake Paul fight reschedule

After Fury made the news public, Paul was quick to reply through a tweet. The undefeated boxer took to Twitter and shared his opinions on the whole matter.

Paul revealed that he is not going to let Fury escape from the fight and will do whatever it takes to make the fight. Paul mocked Fury for being a weasel and asked him to agree that he is scared.

“Tommy, no matter how hard u try to get out of this fight, I’m going 2 do everything in my power 2 not let u weasel ur way out. My team & my partners have made it clear the steps u need to take 2 solve ur latest excuse. Take them or admit ur a scared little bitch. #TommyFumbles,” wrote Paul.

Fans were actually excited for this showdown and it’s a let down that Fury can’t make it to the U.S. for now. No new updates have been given for Fury’s side about this incident however, most probably everything will be solved in a few days.

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