Watch: “Having his best life” – Floyd Mayweather’s cash cascade at strip club sets fan abuzz

Boxing icon Floyd Mayweather shares a video of himself having fun at a strip club in his recent Instagram story.

Watch: “Having his best life” – Floyd Mayweather’s cash cascade at strip club sets fan abuzz

Floyd Mayweather at strip club ( Image via X )

Floyd Mayweather is known for flaunting his wealth, showcasing stacks of cash, and living a lavish lifestyle. This behavior is evident in interviews, social media posts, and public appearances.


Mayweather’s ostentatious displays include posing with piles of cash, displaying luxury items, and even sharing images of large checks, such as a hundreds of million check from his fight with Conor McGregor. In a recent Instagram story that later got posted on X, Floyd posted a video of himself in a strip club.

Floyd Mayweather owns a strip club called Girl Collection in Las Vegas, officially opened in late 2017. Mayweather conceptualized the idea while serving time for domestic issues. The club operates on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, with additional hours on Wednesdays. The establishment spans 7,000 square feet, offering a unique experience in the Las Vegas nightlife scene.

The secret to Floyd Mayweather’s success is various factors. Mayweather’s ability to adapt and evolve in the boxing world has been crucial to his success. Beyond boxing, Mayweather has applied business savvy to amass wealth. With an impressive 50-0 unbeaten record, Mayweather solidified his status as one of the greatest boxers. Mayweather’s career earnings reportedly reached $1.2 billion. It culminated in a record $275 million for a single fight.


Fans react to Floyd Mayweather’s video in the strip club

Floyd Mayweather has a dedicated fan base, evident on platforms like Instagram. Boxing fans, excited to see Mayweather in the ring again, often support him with the anticipation of thrilling matchups. Despite Mayweather’s success, some criticism exists. Here are some of the reactions to Floys’s recent video on X (previously known as Twitter):

Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather’s next fight is against John Gotti III ( Image source: X)

Despite retiring, Floyd Mayweather has remained active in the boxing scene. His next fight is a rematch against John Gotti III, scheduled for the week of Super Bowl 58 in February. The exhibition match between the undefeated boxing legend Mayweather and Gotti III was officially announced and will take place in Las Vegas on Super Bowl weekend. This news follows Mayweather’s previous announcement of participating in five exhibition fights worldwide in 2023.

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