Gervonta Davis posts embarrassing photos of Floyd Mayweather before deleting, Ryan Garcia responds

Gervonta Davis posts embarrassing photos of Floyd Mayweather before deleting, Ryan Garcia responds

Davis and Mayweather promotions are allegedly looking to part ways

The situation between Floyd Mayweather and his protege Gervonta Davis seems to be deteriorating every passing day. Though Tank is still a member of Mayweather promotions, from a few of his deleted Instagram posts it doesn’t seem that the Baltimore Native wants to stay there much longer.


The 27-year-old has been lauded as one of the smartest fighters and heaviest hitters among the lower weight classes. With his most recent win, Davis has impressed promoters across the world with many in the likes of Eddie Hearn displaying a keen interest in signing him.

Recently Davis posted a photo to Instagram, mocking Mayweather before he went on to take it down. In the photo, Mayweather can be seen standing outside the Winter Palace in St Petersburg, only his pants have been photoshopped into “booty shorts” while standing in the freezing snow.

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Ryan Garcia responds to Gervonta Davis’ deleted posts about himself and Floyd Mayweather

Gervonta Davis x Floyd Mayweather x Ryan Garcia
Davis and Mayweather

While Davis has shown such passive-aggressive behavior in the past, Mayweather has mostly only let out high praise about his protege. “He’s with us forever. I like Tank, I love Tank, he loves me, and we have a great relationship and we’re happy, “ said Mayweather when asked about Tank’s status with Mayweather promotions.

One person who definitely keeps tabs on all of Davis’ moves is fellow lightweight, Ryan Garcia. Since their alleged altercation at a nightclub last week, the two have been going back and forth on social media, calling each other out to make the anticipated fight.

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Garcia tweeted a short while after Davis has deleted his post warning Garcia to not mess around with him in public. Garcia wrote, “Gervonta you know even tho you delete your tweets they are still out there, might as well leave them up buddy”


In a likely response to this Davis made an Instagram post calling out the lightweight, captioned, “Whisper when you speaking on the great, words will get you spanked”

Recently the two men have increased their verbal back and forth with Garcia even hinting at a fight in December. Davis on the other had also confirmed after the Romero fight that he’d be looking to return to action by December

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