‘Big mouths with small sacks’- Jake Paul fires off at KSI after his offer for headlining the same fight card

KSI x Jake Paul
The duo have been the most anticipated opponents in Youtube boxing history

The Jake Paul vs Tyson Fury fight was earlier supposed to happen last year. But due to an injury, Fury stepped out of the fight and it was cancelled. Since then both have been trying to make that fight and it finally got scheduled. After a mutual agreement, the fight was decided to take place on August 6 at the Madison Square Garden.

However, things are not looking good as Fury was recently stopped at Heathrow airport before boarding to the U.S. Due to this, today’s press conference of the fight was called off. After the incident Fury took to Instagram to share his side of the story and said he did not do anything wrong. Later, Paul made a tweet implying that he would do anything in his power to make that fight happen.

During this whole scenario, KSI jumped in to offer a helping hand to Paul. He wrote :

Clearly your card is dead in the water at this point. So lemme give you a lifeline” on his Twitter.

If you TRULY want to fight Tommy, fight on my card as the co main event. I’ve got everything set up for you. Best believe you owe me though. Ball is in your court. #ItsAWinWin @tommytntfury.”

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Jake Paul responds to KSI after he offered Paul to fight in his main card

Ksi & Jake Paul
Ksi & Jake Paul

Paul didn’t wait much and came out with a savage reply to give to the British youtuber. Paul mocked KSI and said both of them are not on the same level. Paul stated that he knows way more about this business than KSI.

” I play chess, u play checkers. Ur opponent is repped by me & I know a lot more about ur biz than u would like. Ur not on my level in boxing or the boxing biz. Out of respect for my client, I’ll let u keep chirping away like a canary. You & Fury r both big mouths, w/ small sacks. “

Clearly this new move of KSI didn’t land well and fans also felt the same. Many call out KSI for being ignorant for thinking he is bigger than Paul, Fury or Amanda Serrano.

It’s highly possible that KSI and Paul will lock horns in future given the history behind them. However, it will take KSI to reach the similar level of stardom that Paul has achieved in these few years.

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