“I have no idea” Tommy Fury puts out a statement on Jake Paul fight after

Tommy Fury puts out a statement claiming to not know why he was denied entry to the US despite his alleged links to crime boss Daniel Kinahan

Tommy Fury x Jake Paul
Fury and Paul have agreed to fight each other for the second time

Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul is in jeopardy again and Tyron Woodley has already come up to the press conference venue. Though we may be joking about the second half, the fight between the Brit and American YouTuber is placed in jeopardy again as the younger Fury has joined his family in being denied entry to the US.

Earlier last week Tyson Fury was denied entry to the US due to his alleged links to crime boss Daniel Kinahan. Fury’s management, MTK Global (under whom Tommy was signed too) was shut down earlier this year when its links to Cartel money were brought into the public eye.

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Tommy Fury and Team Denied US entry due to Daniel Kinahan links

Earlier it was believed that while Tyson may be denied entry his half-brother Tommy might be allowed in for his fight against Paul however his team would have to stay back. All that came crashing down when he was stopped at Heathrow Airport on his way to attend the duo’s first press conference in America along with his team.

“As soon as I entered the airport, i was pulled to one side by a homeland Security officer that was there, he said that I had been denied, that I wasn’t able to travel to the USA for a reason I apparently know” said Fury wanting to take hold of the narrative before anyone else did. Fury then said he could say without hesitation that he had done absolutely nothing wrong and had no idea why he was denied entry.

Fury was stopped due to his links to violent mob leader Daniel Kinahan, the same as his brother Tyson. The news first broke in April when it was announced by Claire Cronin, the US Ambassador to Ireland, at a press conference at Dublin’s City Hall. Calling for information leading to arrest or disruption of the Kinhan Crime family the US placed a bounty of $5 Million on head honcho, Daniel Kinahan. The mob boss’s dad Christy (65) and brother Christopher Jr(41) also had bounties placed on their arrest.

Fury continued to insist that he had “no idea” why this would happen to him and his team. “Now I’m having to go to embassies and stuff to sort this out and I’m in the middle of training,” said Tommy, assuring that he was doing everything in his power to make sure the fight would go on as planned.

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