“Should buy them all!” Joe Rogan advocates for takeover of Saudi royalty in boxing world

UFC Commentor Joe Rogan proposes a bold plan for the unification of all boxing promotions.

“Should buy them all!” Joe Rogan advocates for takeover of Saudi royalty in boxing world

Mohammad bin Salman and Joe Rogan (image credit- IMAGO)

Under Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman‘s leadership, Saudi Arabia has a big reform agenda called Vision 2030. It’s all about getting rid of the need for oil and creating more opportunities for young people. Saudi Arabia is investing a lot in sports as part of this transition. In a recent podcast interview, Joe Rogan discussed a billion-dollar plan to transform the desert nation into a potential epicenter of a sport.

During the interview, Rogan discussed the world of boxing with Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub, as well as Sam Tripoli. Rogan proposed a bold plan to spend a billion dollars and acquire the major boxing organizations. Hence, Joe Rogan spoke about Saudi Arabia acquiring the WBC, WBO, WBA, and IBF to eliminate all the world champions.


Furthermore, Rogan brought up how Terence Crawford spoke about a similar idea of unifying the championships. Subsequently, Rogan stated:

Someone should buy all the organization. Too many world champions like 5 world champions and make it 1.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has invested billions of dollars in the development of the country as a sports center. They have allocated $40 billion for e-sports, invested millions to purchase a stake in the Professional Fighters League (PFL), and allocated billions to football.

Hence, Saudi Arabia, a desert nation, is making every effort to become a future sports center.


The Kingdom’s recent acquisition of a minority share in the Premier League (PFL) marks its entry into the MMA world. PFL initially expressed its interest in expanding into Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, Rogan wants to take boxing to the next level with the help of big money and a big consolidation move by Saudi Arabia.

Joe Rogan explains his fear about the Israel-Palestine conflict  

Rogan is a UFC commentator who’s become one of the go-to podcasters around the world. Furthermore, he’s been the host of his own podcast for years, and he uses it to talk about all sorts of stuff, from MMA to science to politics to spirituality.

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan (Source: Twitter)

On episode 2067, he teamed up with David Smith, who’s also a comedian and political commentator. Subsequently, they spoke about the current situation in Israel and Palestine, which is a really sensitive topic.


Rogan’s biggest fear seems to be that an unplanned attack like the one that Hamas carried out in the Gaza enclave on October 7 could happen on US soil. He’s more worried that a split in US politics could cause things to spiral out of control, in his view.

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