“He’s for real”- Joe Rogan is extremely baffled by public opinion of Jake Paul’s legitimacy as a fighter

Paul is 5-0 undefeated with 4 KO wins. Rogan is a long time UFC commentator since UFC 12 in 1997.

Joe Rogan- Jake Paul
Joe Rogan- Jake Paul
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While the majority of the world feels like Youtuber-cum-boxer Jake Paul has yet to prove his legitmacy as a fighter, some like Joe Rogan believe that he already abled himself as a serious contender in boxing. Paul, who is undefeated as a boxer and has proven his worth against the likes of knocking out Tyron Woodley, Ben Askren and Nate Robinson, is going to return to the boxing ring on August 13, 2022 as per one of his recent Tweets.

Jake Paul
Jake Paul

Besides a subjectively successful boxer, Paul is a undisputedly successful promoter of boxing with his promotional agency, The Most Valuable Promotions. Paul is currently involved in promoting women’s boxing great Amanda Serrano and upcoming male boxing prodigy Ashton Sylve. With Serrano, Paul paved way for the first ever women’s main event in Madison Square Garden when Serrano fought Olympic champion and undisputed lightweight Katie Taylor.

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Joe Rogan calls Jake Paul’s KO of Tyron Woodley as “Legit as f**k”

Jake Paul
Paul in his fight with Ben Askren

On his podcast the Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan sat down with longtime sports broadcaster Radio Rahim to talk about Paul’s legitmacy as a boxer, and Rogan had nothing but praises to laud whilst getting shocked at people’s opinion of Paul as a guy from Youtube that is trying to be a boxer.

Jake Paul can crack. One hundred percent. That knockout against Tyron Woodley is legit as f**k, said Rogan. “If Jake Paul wasn’t Jake Paul, if he wasn’t this YouTube guy, he was just a boxer — you see a boxer knock out the former UFC Welterweight Champion. Not just the former, but one of the best ever. You’d be like, ‘Have you seen this Jake Paul dude coming up? He’s for real!‘” concluded Rogan. [Dexerto.com]

What did you make of Rogan’s point of dismissing Paul’s origin as a Youtuber to appreicate the latter’s boxing? Who do you think will be Paul’s opponent come August of this year? Also, who do you want to see Paul fight against personally? How well do you think Paul is doing as boxing promoter as well?

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