“They treated me well”- Mike Tyson reveales about the “best three years” of his life in prison

Mike Tyson in prison
Mike Tyson in prison

Mike Tyson is arguably one of most dominant heavyweight boxers of all time. The fighter was a force to be reckoned with 44 knockout wins in his career. He became the youngest fighter at the age of 20 to win the world heavyweight championship and the record is still active.
Tyson was a huge personality during the 80s and the 90s and was known all around the world.

During that time Tyson made a lot of money and was a global celebrity. But with all this fame,came a lot of problems which the fighter had to tackle. In 1992, he was accused of raping a Miss Black American Contestant and was found guilty. Even though Tyson denied all the accusations,he was imprisoned in the Indiana Youth Center.

He was in his prime when Tyson had to spend three years in prison. But surprisingly, his time inside the prison was not that bad.

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“I was always a good person” -Mike Tyson comments on his life at the prison

Mike Tyson in prison
Mike Tyson in prison

Tyson did an interview with ” The Pivot Podcast” where the former world heavyweight champion discussed his three years as a prisoner.

While talking about it, Tyson revealed that those three years were the best years of his life. Tyson explained that during his time in prison he had peace, good food and was tested well by other prisoners. Tyson mentioned how he used to keep his body in shape by running and jumping in his cell. According to Tyson, during that time he learnt the meaning of life and learned to kill his ego.

He said : “I had the best three years of my life in prison, I had peace. That money doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have your peace, your stability and your balance. You need your sanity to dictate any part of life. I had good food, everybody was nice to me, they treated me well. I would run around the yard 8 or 9 miles and in the evenings I would jump for four hours, in my cell. Everybody treated me good in jail, they were afraid of me, but I was always a good person. I want people to know that life is the willingness to die, I believe that once you die, you start to live. There’s more than just us out there. You have to kill your ego to actually appreciate life. “

Tyson surely had a phenomenal life filled with ups and downs. Throughout these years, Tyson has learnt and changed a lot. Once the Baddest Man on the planet is now one most inspiring and positive individual on the internet.

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