“Looking for mega fights,” Terence Crawford shows Jaron Ennis his place as he eyes on Canelo Alvarez and Errol Spence Jr rematch

Terence Crawford wants to take on Canelo Alvarez and Errol Spence Jr. stating he is only looking for mega fights.

“Looking for mega fights,” Terence Crawford shows Jaron Ennis his place as he eyes on Canelo Alvarez and Errol Spence Jr rematch

Terence Crawford wants to fight Canelo Alvarez and Errol Spence Jr. ( Image via Imago / X )

Terence Crawford, the undisputed welterweight champion, is actively seeking mega-fights. He has ruled out facing two world champions, Canelo Alvarez and Errol Spence Jr. emphasizing his current focus on high-profile matchups.


Terence Crawford has expressed disinterest in fighting Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis. Crawford stated that he is specifically looking for mega-fights at this stage of his career. Terence revealed his plans to FightHype where he said:

Jaron is in one place, I'm in another. I'm looking for mega fights right now, and right now that's not a mega fight. That's my standpoint on it.

One of Crawford’s desired opponents is Canelo Alvarez. He has openly expressed interest in a bout with the boxing superstar. Crawford was firm in his lack of interest in matchups that do not meet the criteria of being significant and high-profile. Canelo Álvarez and Terence Crawford are accomplished boxers in their respective weight classes. However, Canelo had stated earlier this year that a fight with Terence Crawford doesn’t make sense at the moment.

Meanwhile, Crawford’s other interest is a reach with Errol Spence Jr.. The initial fight showcased Crawford’s dominance, leading to Spence’s first career loss. Crawford secured a ninth-round technical knockout. This marked the first time a male boxer had won undisputed championships in two weight classes with all four belts. Spence triggered a rematch clause, indicating a forthcoming rematch between the two fighters.


Terence Crawford backed Shakur Stevenson after controversial WBC title win

Shakur Stevenson‘s recent WBC lightweight title win stirred controversy due to a lackluster performance. It prompted much criticism from fans and fellow boxers. Stevenson secured a unanimous decision over Edwin De Los Santos but faced backlash for what some deemed a dull bout. Despite the criticism, fellow boxer Terence Crawford expressed support for Stevenson.

Terence Crawford Shakur Stevenson
Terence Crawford comments on Shakur Stevenson’s latest fight (Image via Imago )

Crawford emphasized the need to embrace the win despite the controversy. Replying to Stevenson’s Instagram post, he wrote:

Part of the game bro! God give the chosen soldiers that can carry the most weight on they shoulders these tasks. Embrace it and keep bring great. It’s all part of your story.

Stevenson himself acknowledged his subpar performance. He apologized to boxing idols for the uneventful victory. The divisive nature of the win sparked discussions about Stevenson’s future opponents and his standing in the boxing world. Terence Crawford encouraged him to “embrace it” with a supportive pat on the back. Despite the controversy, Terence Crawford’s gesture affirmed the possibility of the challenges Stevenson may face in the aftermath of his win.

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