“Embrace it” – Terence Crawford wins fans over with wholesome comment amidst ‘boring fight’ backlash on Shakur Stevenson’s instagram

Boxing champion Terence Crawford recently addressed WBC champion Shakur Stevenson's last fight on social media. Despite the public backlash, Crawford only had nice to things to say about the win.

“Embrace it” – Terence Crawford wins fans over with wholesome comment amidst ‘boring fight’ backlash on Shakur Stevenson’s instagram

Terence Crawford comments on Shakur Stevenson's latest fight (Image via Imago )

Terence Crawford recently showed support for Shakur Stevenson on social media. Crawford left a comment on Stevenson’s Instagram post, praising him and offering encouragement after a controversial WBC title win.


In the comment, Terence Crawford urged Stevenson to embrace the situation and continue bringing his best to the sport. This gesture exemplified the camaraderie between the two boxers. Crawford wrote:

Part of the game bro! God give the chosen soldiers that can carry the most weight on they shoulders these tasks. Embrace it and keep bring great. It's all part of your story.
Terence Crawford via Instagram

Shakur Stevenson recently won the WBC lightweight title by defeating Edwin De Los Santos. The unbeaten US boxer secured a unanimous decision victory in an underwhelming performance, with judges scoring it unanimously for Shakur. Stevenson’s victory in Las Vegas marked his ascent to the WBC lightweight title, adding to his accomplishments as a three-division champion.

Shakur Stevenson and Terence Crawford share a close and supportive relationship in the boxing world. Stevenson considers Crawford a big brother and mentor.


They have trained and traveled together for almost a decade, fostering a brotherly bond beyond the ring. Stevenson has spoken openly about how this relationship positively impacted his performance, describing it as one of the purest bonds in boxing. They’ve sparred together, and Crawford, a welterweight champion, serves as a beneficial role model for Stevenson.

Terence Crawford on Canelo Alvarez vs Jermell Charlo fight

Terence Crawford recently mocked Canelo Alvarez, asserting that Canelo is not on the level of Deontay Wilder or similar fighters. This came amidst ongoing discussions about Canelo’s performance.

Canelo Alvarez
Canelo Alvarez defeated Jermell Charlo ( Image source: X )

Terence Crawford criticized Jermell Charlo for merely trying to survive against Canelo in the ring. In October of 2023, Canelo Alvarez faced Jermell Charlo in a super middleweight title clash. Canelo Alvarez secured a decisive victory, winning by unanimous decision. The fight showcased Canelo’s dominance, as he retained his undisputed super middleweight title by thoroughly outclassing Jermell Charlo. Check out what Crawford tweeted below:

This victory allowed Canelo to successfully defend his super middleweight championships against the undisputed junior middleweight champion, solidifying his status in the boxing world. It is worth noting that Deontay Wilder himself had predicted the outcome of a potential super-fight between Canelo and Crawford. This added an interesting dimension to the ongoing conversations within the boxing community regarding the skills and standing of these fighters.


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