“You gap teeth rabbit!” – Tyson Fury goes off on Oleksandr Usyk and claims to be king of boxing

Tyson Fury clapped back at opponent Oleksandr Usyk on Instagram. The duo has engaged in various trash-talks ahead of their fight.

“You gap teeth rabbit!” – Tyson Fury goes off on Oleksandr Usyk and claims to be king of boxing

Tyson Fury on Oleksandr Usyk ( Image via Imago )

Tyson Fury recently posted a message on Instagram for Oleksandr Usyk. They will compete for the undisputed heavyweight title fight in May. The online back and forth between two of the best heavyweight fighters in boxing has continued. Here is what recently happened:


Tyson Fury responded to Oleksandr Usyk’s claim of being the “king” of boxing. This was in response to Oleksandr Usyk’s recent statement. Fury posted on his Instagram story where he wrote:

No I don't claim to be king of kings! that's Jesus Christ. I claim to be the king of boxing & I am and u will fing out on May 18 U gap teeth rabbit.
Tyson Fury via Instagram

Oleksandr Usyk had recently made a statement on Tyson Fury. He said that Fury claimed to be the king of kings, but only he thought that. Usyk claimed that he could beat Fury. Fury clapped back at Usyk with the above statement and insulted Usyk’s appearance in the post.

The fight between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk is scheduled for May of this year. It will take place at the Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The fight was originally supposed to happen this February. However, the fight was postponed because Fury got injured during sparring.


Fury got a nasty cut on his face, because of which the fight was pushed back till March. This fight will decide who will become the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

Fans react to Tyson Fury calling Oleksandr Usyk a “gap teeth rabbit”

Tyson Fury’s gap teeth statement caught the attention of boxing fans on social media. They went to the comment section to share their reactions to Fury’s statements.

Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk go face to face
Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk go face to face (credit- X.com)

Tyson Fury’s recent comments definitely amused the fans on the internet, and that showed in the comments. However, there were conflicting comments from fans from both parties. Here are some of the reactions on X:

One sect put down Oleksandr Usyk, entertained by Fury’s gap teeth comment. Meanwhile, the other group who were fans of Usyk declared Fury’s fall when the two boxers fight in the ring. On the other hand, there was another group of users who criticized this form of promotion.


One user wrote that nobody would think about this until May. Thus the the two fighters should stop with their childish back-and-forth online. It will be interesting to see how the fight goes down this May in Saudi Arabia.

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