Tyson Fury issues a furious call out to “Middleweight” Oleksandr Usyk for December Fight

Tyson Fury issues a furious call out to “Middleweight” Oleksandr Usyk for December Fight

Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk

Tyson Fury feels Oleksandr Usyk is no match for him but he is ready to face the Ukrainian regardless. In a recent video posted to his Instagram, the heavyweight champion can be seen berating Usyk while undermining his boxing skills.


Fury retired from Boxing earlier this year after his fight against Dilian Whyte at the Wembley Stadium. However, he did express an interest in returning to fighting exhibitions against MMA Champion, Francis Ngannou which ultimately materialized to nothing.

Fury would say he would be waiting to watch the results of the Usyk-Joshua rematch to unfold before he makes any further professional moves. However, after the fight, Fury seems to have wanted to see AJ win so as to make a super fight back home in England.

Shortly after Usyk’s victory in the rematch, talks to unify all the belts were in full swing, however, Fury wasn’t interested. The man who was willing to show off his boxing prowess for free just a few weeks prior was now asking for upwards of $500 million to step in the ring.


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Tyson Fury dismisses Oleksandr Usyk’s rematch with AJ as a “Sparring Session”

Oleksandr Usyk x Tyson Fury
Usyk and Joshua after their fight in Saudi Arabia

However recently Tyson has expressed that he would be willing to face Usyk in December by the end of this year, a date that is not favourable for the Ukrainian who just got back to his war-torn home country.

Fury made it clear today that he is not scared to face the “Middleweight” in December via an Instagram Video Call Out. Repeatedly referring to Usyk as “The Middleweight”, Fury promised that no matter how many times he tries he will be battered by the Heavyweight Fury, promising to never let his grasp off the title.

“The road to the WBC lies in the firm grasp of a gypsy king” said Fury challenging Usyk to a fight. “All roads lead to a 7 foot behemoth who will absolutely destroy you, middleweight” , said Fury referring to the former Cruiser Weight Champion.


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Fury then upped the ante by referring to AJ as just another bodybuilder and him to be no gauge of skills when it comes to boxing in the heavyweight division. “You had no fight, you won a sparring match, you have no injuries”, said Fury demeaning the 12-round Clash in the Dunes between Usyk and Joshua.

Fury has in the meantime also campaigned for a fight against Derek Chisora and has been very shifty with his decisions as of late. Do you see this heavyweight clash happening any time soon? Let us know!

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