WATCH: Floyd Mayweather declares Conor McGregor his knockoff version sending Kevin Hart into fits of laughter

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather deliberates on his career, and matchup with Conor McGregor, with comedian host Kevin Hart.

WATCH: Floyd Mayweather declares Conor McGregor his knockoff version sending Kevin Hart into fits of laughter

Floyd Mayweather calling Conor McGregor a knock-off riles up Kevin Hart in laughter (Source: Twitter)

Floyd Mayweather retired in 2017, with a last crossover stint, over the “Notorious” Conor McGregor. He retired with a pro boxing record of 50-0. A few years ago, he deliberated on this matchup, and more, with actor and comedian Kevin Hart.


Hart has close ties with many members of the combat sports community. This includes the likes of Joe Rogan, and his friend Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Hart had interviewed the boxer in the recent past, on LOL Network’s ‘Cold as Balls’ series. Speaking on his crossover boxing bout with McGregor, Mayweather described him as his Caucasian mimic, which sent the comedian into fits of laughter. He had said:

He's [McGregor] the Caucasian Floyd Mayweather, you know? He is a knock-off but he's a hell of a knock-off version. I do - I do have [respect]. I take my hat off.

Mayweather also commended the opponent on his mettle. The boxer told Hart that there is an underlying respect among them now, with him tipping his hat toward McGregor. On being asked about a potential slide over to UFC, Mayweather nudged in that anything is possible. He told the comedian that in the foreseeable future he might sign up for a multi-fight deal with the promotion.

The $450 Million boxer is now a sports promoter and advisor. He has imparted his skills in the trade to many prominent names. These include Gervonta Davis, and as of late Curmel Moton, who has won his second pro boxing fight recently.


Floyd Mayweather and Kevin Hart engage in comedic diss about height

Comedian and actor Kevin Hart is known for his comical stints and interactions with other celebrities. As such, he has had good relations with many people from the sports community.

In LOL Network’s cheekily titled Cold as Balls, Hart interviews famous sports stars while he and his guest undergo the frozen torture of an ice bath. In an episode in 2019, he interviewed Floyd Mayweather.

Floyd Mayweather and Kevin Hart argue about heights in a comedic stint
Floyd Mayweather and Kevin Hart argue about height (Source: Pinterest/Twitter)

Even before they were acquaintances, Hart was an avid fan of the fighter. During the interview, Mayweather enquired as to how the substantially smaller host looked bigger in the tub. To this, Hart retorted comically that they do not have much difference in height.

This, thus, started a prolonged banter between the two, on Hart’s height. The comedian’s height, at around 5’4″, is one of the most contested topics in Hollywood, especially dissed by friend and WWE star Dwayne Johnson.


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