“I’m breathing out my b*tt,” Hollywood comedian Kevin Hart reveals to Joe Rogan on admiration for fighters’ physical attributes

Kevin Hart was impressed by the physical attributes of the fighters, as he expressed his admiration for them in a podcast.

“I’m breathing out my b*tt,” Hollywood comedian Kevin Hart reveals to Joe Rogan on admiration for fighters’ physical attributes

Kevin Hart expressed his admiration for fighters in Joe Rogan Experience Podcast (via IMAGO/IMDb)

The world-renowned comedian Kevin Hart is an MMA enthusiast. He follows the sport closely and has much admiration for the fighters competing in mixed martial arts. He has met UFC stars like Israel Adesanya, Francis Ngannou, and Kamaru Usman. Earlier, in a stand-up performance, he addressed the dangers of messing with a UFC fighter in a humourous fashion. As such, he was awestruck by the physical capabilities of a fighter and praised them.

Kevin Hart made an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast back in 2019. In a particular segment, he expressed his admiration for the fighters. Further, he conveyed his respect to the athletes for their sheer commitment to the fight game. Also, Hart joked about what would happen if he fought for three rounds. Here is what he said:

People that fight are in the most amazing shape in the universe. To move, get hit, for three to five minutes around, comeback, So it, comeback, do it and these fights go on and on and on. I take my hat off to you. You get three rounds out of me, I'm breathing out of my b*tt. I don't know where the air is coming from.
Kevin Hart (via ‘Joe Rogan Podcast’)

MMA fighters need to be on top of their physical abilities due to the intense requirements of the fight game. No one can slack off and go three or five rounds in a fight. Building the stamina and cardio needed to compete in high-level combat sports is a steep task. As such, Kevin Hart applauded the fighters for the same.

Kevin Hart being a popular comedian and actor had featured in famous shows and movies. He featured alongside Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in the Jumanji movie series. Simultaneously, he pursued his passion for stand-up shows. Currently, he is set to perform in New York and New Jersey in December.

Kevin Hart met Israel Adesanya back in March 2023

Israel Adesanya was a dominant force in the UFC middleweight division. He raked up five title defenses before losing to his arch-rival Alex Pereira. A rematch was booked between them in April 2023. Shortly before, Adesanya met Kevin Hart when he was on his stand-up tour in Oceania.

Kevin Hart met Israel Adesanya in March 2023
Kevin Hart met Israel Adesanya in March 2023 (via Instagram)

Kevin Hart met Israel Adesanya during his show at Spark Arena in Auckland, New Zealand. Both, Hart and Adesanya were glad that they met. They even took pictures and shared them on Instagram. Earlier, they met when ‘The Last Style Bender’ won his fight against Jarred Cannonier at UFC 276. They partied and had fun together.

Later, Israel Adesanya won the rematch against Alex Pereira by a spectacular knockout. However, he lost his next fight devastatingly to Sean Strickland at UFC 293. Currently, Adesanya stated that he was taking a long break from MMA. The MMA world is waiting for the return of ‘The Last Style Bender’.

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